Game day threads being locked (cast your vote!).

Maybe you should volunteer to be a mod. Every forum has them. Someone needs to make sure that forum rules are followed.
IMHO....if you don’t like how the mods do their VOLUNTEER jobs, don’t come here. Easy peazy!! Your no longer offended.

Here’s a situation, 3 days after the game in TOR, where I’d like to pose a question, related to that game. If the game thread was still open, that’s where I’d choose to post, not wanting to start a new thread which would be very short-lived due to the pretty insignificant question.

Can anyone confirm, for me, which Ti-Cat on the game depth chart did not dress @ TOR? I’m pretty sure it would have been Cameron Walker, but did not hear, or see, confirmation of that anywhere.

In a democracy, folks should be able to disagree in a respectful manner without being cast out, for simply disagreeing.

Krisiun has some good points that should at least be considered by the mods.

(This was not the first thread that went off topic in the history of this forum - but surprisingly it was frozen)

Calling the mods “Big Brother? is not respectful. Complaining about the mods publicly is not respectful. A PM to the mods would have been respectful. Voicing displeasure how they do their volunteer jobs openly on any forum is not respectful.

Be glad to help out there . You were close it was a DE but it was Lorenzo Maudlin who did not dress .
Just in case anyone was wondering who also sat out the season opener against Saskie it was OL Jessie Gibbon .

Just so you know by the way for future reference the reserve for both teams is mentioned in the Final Stats column for each game on the Cats depth chart page . The starting line-ups are shown for each club , followed by the back-ups (substitutes) with each teams reserve player shown at the bottom of the page . Hope this helps you out as to who dresses and starts and sits in each game for the rest of the season .

Well done bobo, as usual! 8)

MUCH thanks, bobo. You gave me more than I asked with that link which I’ll be, regularly, going to in the future. I always print off the charts whether attending or TV watching TiCat games and I don’t recall ever looking at the depth chart page, other than before each game. I have never noticed that Final Stats column.

The reason my guess on the reserve was Walker, was that I was sure I’d heard Mauldin’s name mentioned during the game. And, Mauldin IS shown on this Final Stats link as having been penalized for Offside on Play #137. So, I went back and viewed the play, again, and it’s a case of the officials calling the wrong number – 94 when it should have been 98 (Wynn).

Nicely put. I believe the other level headed people here would also

Maybe don’t title the game day threads as Play-by-Play threads. By definition, there are no further plays once the game is over.

I voted for closing after 48 hours for this reason (to allow for comments on plays).

Is it really such a hardship (or attack on our freedoms) to type post-game comments into a post-game thread instead of a play-by-play thread?

Lame. We all have a part to play in shaping this forum and just walking away when your dissatisfied is what children do.

I’m late to this party, but my take is that a forum is generally a more inviting place if threads are generally left open, and only get closed in cases where a distinct problem arises within that thread to create a reason to lock it.

Any “routine” locking of threads merely creates either actual inconvenience (“I wanted to make a non-inflammatory reply to something in the thread, but I can’t because it’s been locked”) or the perception of inconvenience (“What’s with all the locked threads? Is a conversation going to get short by the mods even if nobody’s making trouble? Maybe it’s not worth the effort to post then.”). I might not want to post in a thread that was locked, but if I’m browsing a forum and see a bunch of locked threads, I might not feel like it’s the kind of place I’ll want to hang around.

You do have good point OTC, I've always taken the opposite view on the subject in general.

From time to time, someone will comment and shortly after, someone else will reply along the line of "couldn't this have been said in such and such thread?"

Always makes me laugh, like are people supposed to go back over every thread and read every comment and decide the most appropriate before posting!?

Im all for locking game day threads right after. People are way too finicky on these fourms, in general.

There's probably too much clutter if anything....something like over 1000 pages?!?

I say delete a thread after no one has commented for say ...a month.

If something is worth discussing, someone will create a new thread to replace the deleted ones.

Some forums I have been a part of have an automatic lock after so many weeks without a new post. This forum does not have that feature. I know it was discussed by the mods in general in the past. If it comes up again I will let them know that some members feel strongly about leaving them open. Also, I don’t mind the ‘big brother’ comments and criticism of my moderating in particular is not unwelcome. PMs are also welcome and keep the board discussions focused on the Cats and not the moderating - which should probably be like good referee work - something that passes unnoticed.

Here's a comment. I like it when you combine threads after someone starts a new thread on an identical topic as one that is already active. It makes it easier to follow conversations.

(Also, I've noticed that people who start new threads on existing topics absolutely hate it when someone points out that they could have just added to the existing thread.)

I see what you are getting at but sometimes the 'same topic' concept is in the eye of the beholder. You may see a thread about a penalty given to a player as about that player while I start a thread that may use that as a jumping point to discuss inconsistent refereeing.
Combine.... or not?

We should probably take a poll.

And if the votes are indicating wanted results close the poll a week early before all the polling stations have reported.

Lock it when the next game thread is created.

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The credits have been completed in an entirely different style at great expense and at the last minute.