Game day threads being locked (cast your vote!).

Just noticed for the 2nd game in a row that the game day thread has been locked just days after the game is over for whatever reason by the mods . So just wondering if this is a trend that we’re going to see on a regular basis this year after every game ? or is it because of what perhaps someone said that caused the lock down ?? Is it maybe that the thread has run it’s course and it’s to keep things fresh and focused on the next game ? Just observing and asking is all and besides , inquiring minds need to know ? ???

Maybe all of the above??

guelphcatsfan are you out there ? ;D

Not all the time :wink:

It just made sense to me to lock them-up since the game had ended and we usually have a post-game thread. There was an interesting discussion on the future of the Argos starting up but that struck me as out of place in that thread.

I added a poll and will happily defer to the majority.

Sound logic?

Thanks for the reply and poll GCF . Much appreciated .:)I just got the ball rolling by casting the first vote .

I voted to keep them open. IMO there are already too many threads being locked. Most for legit reasons though.

I voted for the 2, but wanted 3. Guess if it hasn’t been said in 2 it doesn’t need to be said

I would have appreciated a reason for closing the threads.

I voted for right away. Once a post-game thread is made, people should post in that instead, so that everything is in one place. Otherwise, why even have a post game? Seems redundant to have both.

At one time a wee bit back there would be several interesting threads introduced after every win and loss. More recently, after the game, only a couple of threads are started. Seems to me the thrill of the forum has left a lot people, leaving mostly overly serious, self appointed experts here to growl mostly amongst themselves.

Have too many members been intimidiated to not voice their opinion and become disenchanted with this place? Whatever the reason for the greatly reduced participation, locking threads and wildly deleting post because an “elite” few can only play by their rules is having an effect on limiting the fan fun here.

Having said that, the ‘game day’ thread really has run it’s course a couple of hours after the game and anything who one thinks something needs chewing over (great plays, stats, happiness, disappointments, etc.) should give it a thread.

The TiCats @ TOR Game Day Thread on the main site hasn’t been locked.

Double standard??

Maybe a different mod who is responsible for it.

We have an informal set-up for who moderates what. I don’t spend much time on the main board. So the effect is indeed a double standard.

Discussion about the viability of the Argos or any other franchise is a reasonable topic.
Would you have preferred to start another thread or do you consider this topic off limits in a democratic society?
I don’t understand the reasons for the censorship.

I voted to keep always open but I do NOT see this as censorship. Start a new thread continuing the conversation. Even link to the old one.

Multiple pros and cons here.

Sorry - I must not have been clear. I just thought it made sense to close the game threads after the games were over. The viability of the Argos is a great / important topic and deserves a thread of it’s own. I just thought it made sense to close the game thread. You’re free to start new threads as you see fit.

We’ll call the vote with one vote in the lead for leaving them open. I voted for 48 hours which was a close second. clearly most members don’t mind threads staying open. Thanks for everyone’s input!

P.S. I’m locking the voting but not the thread :wink:

Thanks for the clarification.

Thread locking is lame and extremely irritating. Just another attack on freedom of speech.

Since the dawn of the internet I’ve participated in all kinds of forums from music to hockey to fishing and so on. Yet only here do threads get routinely locked.

Here Big Brother needs to swoop in and strike us down for every little perceived deviance.

If people are still posting in a thread then leave it alone. Clearly there is still interest there. When the interest wanes the thread will have run it’s course and will drop down to page 2 within a few days.

Most forums can run themselves. The only time mods should get involved is to edit the occasional F-Bomb or if a Forum member becomes threatening.