Game Day Thread - TiCats vs. Bad Hanks

Revenberg replaced Campbell at RT last week after he was injured and played pretty well. Atkinson ahead of Nevis is more a caution to ensure there are no in-game ratio issues should (perish the thought) any of the nationals be injured. Here's to an injury free game for our guys (Ottawa can have all the injuries!)

One small positive even though Hank is managing to move the ball is that so far the receivers aren't picking up any YAC and they have them off the field (overthrow and dropped pass) . They did pick up a FG though - was that supposed to be a punt???

Too much bend so far.

Hi all.

Masoli last to do alot of running for us to win this!!


REALLY happy to see that too! :smiley: JM and friends are slinging down the field pretty well so far.

So, four nationals on the o-line, allowing us to go with an all international secondary. Not sure I like either decision.

The team is playing OK so far.

Come on, Campbell. Throw the challenge flag. :smiley:

Maher good from 38 to even the score! :thup: :thup:

The team that gets the most yards on the ground will win! IMO

SACK!! :thup: :thup:

Hank is on tonight , our secondary looks suspect again

Time to keep them to another FG D!! Or pick off Hank - unfortunately too late. :frowning:

Swiss cheese defense!

Red hot knife through melted butter defense!

Pick your poison!

Our CB’s stink.

You can tell our defence is overpowered with this crew. How does Hank take 2 steps back and on a quick hit complete a pass 20 yards down field to an open receiver.

Smh. Enough with the bend but don't break crap. Our D does both.

Brooks 00
Your released

Because the receiver grabbed the DB (within the five yards, so apparently a legal move) and threw him off balance before going to the corner.

Wonder what would have happened if the DB had then grabbed on to the receiver to stop him from going deep.