Game Day Thread - TiCats vs. Bad Hanks

I thought someone should kick this off today (We still miss you Russ).

I’m taking the long view - while I’d like to see a competitive game the Cats (I read somewhere) have a 93% chance of making the play-offs so I’m taking it like a pre-season game. Hoping to see better fundamentals; tackling, blocking, no drug taking…

Not holding out a lot of hope. A win will be a pleasant surprise. I only hope our defence somehow steps up and has a pass rush that puts Hank on his A$$ hard (clean hits though) a few times early in the game to get him rattled and wipe the smile off his face :rockin:

This potentially is a warm up to the Eastern Final if we get past the Western Alien Crossoveralls . :cowboy:
Unless we can beat the Rythum & Blues tonite for the first time .

It will be wet and windy.
Could be good conditions for Masoli to thrive.

Marshall Ferguson ?@TSN_Marsh 55m55 minutes ago
Rainfall warning issued by @environmentca for Ottawa. #Ticats & #Redblacks kickoff forecast: 7 degrees , 100% chance of rain, wind @ 30km/h

Unless Hank thinks he will part the clouds, He does think he is God, you know! :roll:

I'd love a win, the more decisive the better, and the a**hole in me would love to see Burris fall flat on his face and stink the joint out.

However, I'd be happy with a solid Ti-Cat effort, start to finish; a close, competitive game; some indication that the Cats are working on a running or short passing, possession, game; and improvement in the overall play of the the defence, in particular, the DBs.

I am still going on the "All Access Predictor" with a Hamilton win, but have dropped my estimate of the point difference to +3. Will be wearing the black and gold!

Quick stat preview from the CFL

Heavy rainfall warning, windy and cold !! this would be one game where I would stay at home if I was a season ticket holder. Likely the first non-sell out in Ottawa this year, not sure if attendance in the CFL is by tickets sold or actual count of people entering the stadium.

If any of you are gamblers out there and want to make what looks like easy money with the Weather Forecast , the Over Under for the game is currently set at 53.5 . Seems like throwing some cash on the Under should win you some extra bucks in your pocket tonight if the weather forecast holds up and it's nasty and sloppy out there in time for kick-off. I honestly can't see 53 total points being scored tonight in a heavy rainfall.

HAM - 54
OTT - 0

:P :P

I have a good feeling about this
Hank is a lousy bad weather QB, It wreaks havoc on his makeup! :smiley:

You been stealing from Speedy B's stash? :o

No, I don't have your confidence in this one. I'd love to see us win, but I just don't see it happening.

Would love nothing more than to see Hank's smile on the turf...... no injury though to him!

I would love to see the Ottawa SILLYNAMES lose big....but I don't see it happening. I have no confidence in the Ticats right now.

Andy Fantuz has a career-high 93 catches this year (and is on pace for 112) and 623 for his career. He is only four back of Jock Climie’s 627 for #17 all-time, having recently moved into the all-time Top 20. He is currently the fifth all-time Canadian on the list, trailing Ben Cahoon’s 1,017 receptions.

Congrats to #Ticats offensive lineman @Rbomben, who will be playing in his 100th #CFL career game tonight! #CFLGameDay

Looking for big games from our receivers tonight. I think Junior Collins is on the verge of being a major contributor. I also really like what I've seen from Chiles, who is making more catches each game. Something tells me we'll see Kevin Elliott catch a few TD's tonight, too. I'm interested to see how they use Elliott.

Doug Rye ?@dougrye 12m12 minutes ago
#Ticats Good crowd at Jack Aster's. Lots of Ticats' fans made the trip. Oskee wee wee

I second this comment. The "D" can't tackle and Masoli is too unpredictable.

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 2m2 minutes ago
#Ticats scratches are DT Drake Nevis & OL Terrence Campbell. Rookie Brandon Revenberg starts at RT.

Not comfortable with this news. I thought Campbell played well, and moving Ravenberg from LG to RT is a BIG move. Gotta admire Jeremiah's spunk - takes what you give him, and puts himself on the line. Can only imagine the whining if Zach was going into this game under those circumstances.

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 9m9 minutes ago
Other adjustments to #Ticats depth chart: Emanuel Davis will start at safety, with Mike Daly as a back up. Derrius Brooks starts at HB

???? :? :? :? :?

Ellingson is 6'3", Brooks is 5'10"

We're done :x