Game day thread: Pre-season game 2

18 hours away :rockin:
I hope the Ticats will be trying for a win today rather than just trying to evaluate. I’d like to think it’s possible to do both, but seeing as I have 0 CFL experience I wouldn’t know. I have a good feeling that we can pull off a win with some key vets returning, ie. Otis Floyd, Aguie Barrenechea, Markeith Knowlton, Chris Thompson, etc. Wins may not count towards a playoff appearance at the moment, but there’s nothing like being at a game where your home team wins. Let’s hope there’s a good turn out tommorrow, be good for the rookies to see first hand how much we care and how much we want them to succeed.

I know coaches don't care if win this one ..cause it is Pre-season
But I don't want to lose to the Argoooooooos even in Preseason..
I like to see a close win and no Injuryies

Forget the win although of course it would be nice to give Mr. Andrus a taste of what's hopefully in store for him and his team this year :wink: , I'm just hoping that the coaches see what they want or don't want to see for player evaluation and therefore make the best possible choices as to who stays, who goes, starts, that sort of thing.

I care not about the win.

I would like to see a more disciplined group, with an effective game plan.

I want to see an adequate pass rush. That's my primary concern.

I'm eager to watch Porter, Glenn, Tafralis, Gauthier, Goodspeed, David Ball, Guillory, Floyd and Barker.

Can't wait to go down to IWS again! What a glorious evening it will be!

The Off-season has been long and We all can't wait to go back House the Mosca Built.
The off-season makes me Craby and Can't wait for Game day .

You must be Craby, because Mosca was not playing football in Hamilton in the 30s. :wink:

I wish knew someone I could use for that Era.. But Really don't ..
If some of fans from 1930's could tell me of a Player I Glady want to know about the Person(S)

I wish knew someone I could use for that Era..

One could never go wrong with either Brian Timmis or Jimmy Simpson. Both outstanding players in their time.

I really want us to start looking like a team, but its always nice to beat TO. :stuck_out_tongue:

You don't game plan pre season games.

Pep Leadley was a great Tiger from that era. He is in the HOF, and should be on the Wall of Honour, along with Jimmy Simpson and Brian Timmis.

7 hours, 20 minutes and counting. Looking forward to being back at Ivor Wynne for the first time in almost a year. :rockin:

WOO HOO Come on Game time :rockin:

And there will be great weather for the game the evening. Click here for tonight's weather forecast. At the time I'm posting this, there is a 0% probability of precipitation this evening and winds of 5 km/h are expected. And at time this was posted, it was expected that the temperature will be about 22 degrees Celsius.

Last week, it was found that there were a few kinks that needed to be worked out. Too many penalties were taken, and too many mistakes were made. However, some of those responsible for the loss are now no longer with the team, and this game is more about getting the starters ready for the games that count. The final cuts, the hardest ones of all for coaches to make, will be made after video of this game will be watched. Some of those playing this game will be not be on their team's roster. And hopefully, the Ticats will make the decision as to who those players should be hard for their coaching staff to make. And losing when the opponent is the blue team is not acceptable. So having said that, I say...

Go Ticats!

I am an out of there any video feed or audio feed for tonights game? I would love to follow it on the internet. Please let me know.


Ozzy and Danny Mac........oooops, sorry they only ran like they were born in the 30's

My family was buddies with Bill law who was a player WAAAAY back. He has passed.
Remember anyone who played back then would be 95+ years old.

The Cats had some awesome and tough teams in the 60's and 70's to embrace with Ang, Danychuck, Henley and the boys that many forum members could tell some great stories about.

Then why do you play them?

And don't say to evaluate players. That is what camp is for. Preseason is to see how the players you think will perform well in your strategy execute it.

Pre-season games are to evaluate players in a realistic game based situation. You aren't going to know the offenses strategy yet, or the plays they might use often like you would in camp. Players look outstanding in camp because they see each other day in, day out for 2 weeks and know what to expect from each other. In a game, your facing mostly new players, likely under a new coaching staff or new strategy, and the true players hold up (the ones you want on your team), and the other's bust (the ones you cut). That's how a good final roster is determined. If your not in it to evaluate in the pre-season, your team likely will suck and you may cut better players than the others. Click the Link and get Fired UP TICATS FANS!!! :rockin: