Game Day Thread: Cats Vs Green Meanies

I guess this is it, another loss and kiss the season goodbye.

Not a bad evening for football.

How big of a crowd will we see at THF tonight given all the attention the Jays wildcard game is getting?

I suspect with how well Riders fan travel, we'll likely see close to 20K in stadium.

Thanks for starting this thread.

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Jays are blowing game # 1 . As of this posting it's 3-0 Seattle in the top of the fifth .

Tim White gonna break some tackles tonight.

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They didn't "blow it". They just got beat by superior pitching. Castillo was lights out.

Jays must have blown the first inning or two - it was 3-0 when I first saw the score in the 2nd inning. Didn't see the beginning of the game which is now over. Jays lost 4-0.

Looking for a better effort from our Ticats tonight with a win as the end result.

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This old guy NOT giving a wind report tonite. Gave up my seats to some needy Rider fans. (Recently returned from 15 years in Africa. Haven't seen a CFL game in all that time.... and they are from Regina!)


That was generous of you. I'm sure they'll appreciate being there in person even if they will be seeing the greenies lose! :wink:



That's not what I originally said . It got changed to "blowing it" by someone else with editing credentials .

Well whatever phrase you used that got some thin skinned person's shorts in a knot, no point in blaming the Jays, it's giving credit to Seattle where it's at.

Yup Mariners came to play and were definitely the better team today .

It does look windy. Flags on the goal posts at I think the north end of the field were looking pretty straight. Looks like Greens with the wind to start.
Let's see how Dane and his buds do against the wind.

D looking good; two and outs to start

Spoke too soon; clear facemask on Adeleke

And now a good gain by Schaeffer-Baker. Time to get that stop again,


DEs need to get more penetration.

Definitely a costly penalty. Never want to give the other guys another chance - they might just take it!

Ticats definitely need to respond.

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1st and goal from 10. Cats D secondary lines up in endzone and stands there. Brilliant.