Well I thought id start it off for the first game of the season!


Cant wait (even though its preseason), I am recording it.
I wonder if 'bobyoungfan' is going to come back and do his game-day threads.

Game Day Depth Chart !!

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Finally, we are getting there to the start of the season. :thup:

Kind of curious to see how Porter's going to do, and how the Montreal media will respond....

He's just starting learning a progressive read offense. By all accounts he doesn't know how to practice, looks like coaching in Hamilton under Bellefeuille didn't do much for him. It will take time but as long as his head and heart are in it, it will come around. Right now Josh has an edge on him but he's starting his third year in Montreal.

Porter also had a year under Cortez, he must know something about reading offenses?

Not sure about that but I can tell you he does know how to run, not super fast or far but he can run...

You think Cortez paid any attention to Porter last season ? I doubt it very much.

Heh. Well, I can at least hope that he's less inclined to take off with the football than he was in Hamilton...

He would be wise to be patient and go through his "reads". If I'm the OC, that's the first thing I'm going to look at.

Except practically handing him the opportunity to be a future starter on a silver platter - and he couldnt/wouldn't take it. MB sacrificed an opportunity late in the year for the team to finish .500 in 2011 in doing so.

Just because QP wears a dif. coloured shirt now doesnt change the fact he's spit the bit - numerous times. So much so Cortez didn't even bother to waste his time with him

I think he was progressing extremely well before he got injured and when he was ready to return, Bellefeuille gave his job away to Glenn. I think that's where things unraveled for Porter.

Well, I'm not holding out any wild hope that Porter will suddenly turn into a great QB. I saw enough of him in Hamilton not to be particularly optimistic. He's a good short-yardage guy, and is likely competent enough to manage games in the event that Calvillo gets injured. But at his age, if he's still chucking and ducking or taking off if his primary read isn't there, he's as good as he's going to get. Anyway, we have Neiswander, who the coaches are high on and who's in his third year in Montreal.

Game on.

Davis gets RTP on what looked like a sack. Guess they figured he went for the head?

Then PI. Good call. Also a good penalty, as he was beat.

TD Als. No surprise there.

Ok, we know Lefevour can run - we saw that last year in pre-season. I want to see him pass.

But called back on no end.

First pass incomplete.

Watching Gable this quarter. Only time he's been assigned to block, I think he released too early - or too late. Lefevour ended up scrambling to make it back to the LOS. On the screen, he followed his blocking well, but doesn't seem to have a lot of speed. Jury's still out.

Alvarado seems to have a strong leg, getting both kickoffs to the five. (Is there a wind? Which way?) But his passport works against him to some extent.

We're taking a lot of penalties. Understandable in most cases, as we're playing mostly try-outs. But that offside was by Davis, one of our possible starters.

Ok, maybe I was wrong about his speed. He sure got around the corner quickly there.

Charbonneau-Campeau is doing a good job on special teams, that’s good to hear. Sadly only getting the game via CHML’s audio feed.