Game Day Talks for 2012

Hey everybody, been a while since I have been posting here. Some of you might remember me starting a couple game day talks (GDTs) last year (links are here viewtopic.php?f=1&t=66901 viewtopic.php?f=1&t=66831). I was hoping to get more in, but was too busy to do all the games, and just kind of gave up. So I was thinking this year once the schedule gets up, we can have people booking games. The good thing about these threads is it gives a place for everyone to talk about the game, it can provide people with info about who is starting as well as key stats for both teams, and it's fun. If anyone of you are interested in doing some of these then just comment below, and when the schedule is released I will make a thread for booking games.

As an Eskimo follower; Game #1 at Commonwealth - June 30th: Toronto at Edmonton

All Cats games are threaded in the Cats forum, and are usually quite busy, we also do all the others games that weekend too

getting close to the season, so bump

will try to get a table or something, and some rules, up in the OP

(it looks like the riders and esks first games are taken)

Doesn't let me edit, if a mod could move the below to the OP, and it would be much appreciated

-GDTs can only be reserved up to two (2) weeks in advance
-Any GDT reserved but not started by 12pm EST on gameday is up for grabs to anyone
-Reservations are accepted in the order in which they are posted in this thread.
-If you cannot make a GDT after reserving it, please let us know the night before, therefor I can open it to anyone who wants to take it.
-Current GDTs may be posted 2 or more days before a game (thursday for a saturday game, fridays for a sunday etc)
-The maximum number of games which can be reserved by a single poster at any one time is two.
-Inconsiderate behaviour (e.g. failure to start the GDT in a timely manner) is grounds for losing GDT thread reservation privileges.
-Users must establish a reputation for regular posting and participation in the forum prior to reserving a GDT.

  • Week 1 Ssk-Ham (Go Riders)
  • Week 1 Wpg-BC (Vacant)
  • Week 1 Tor-Edm (backer@oldclarke)
  • Week 1 Mtl-Cgy (Vacant)
  • Week 2 Wpg-Mtl (Vacant)
  • Week 2 Ham-BC (Vacant)
  • Week 2 Cgy-Tor (Vacant)
  • Week 2 Edm-Ssk (Vacant)
  • Week 3 Cgy-Mtl (Vacant)
  • Week 3 Wpg-Edm (Vacant)
  • Week 3 BC-Ssk (Vacant)
  • Week 3 Tor-Ham (Vacant)
  • Week 4 Wpg-Tor (Vacant)
  • Week 4 Ssk-Cgy (Vacant)
  • Week 4 Edm-BC (Vacant)
  • Week 4 Mtl-Ham (Vacant)
  • Week 5 Edm-Wpg (Vacant)
  • Week 5 Tor-Mtl (Vacant)
  • Week 5 Ham-Ssk (Vacant)
  • Week 5 BC-Cgy (Vacant)
  • Week 6 Mtl-Wpg (Vacant)
  • Week 6 BC-Tor (Vacant)
  • Week 7 Cgy-Ham (Vacant)
  • Week 7 Ssk-Ham (Vacant)
  • Week 8 Ham-Wpg (Vacant)
  • Week 8 Mtl-Edm (Vacant)
  • Week 8 Tor-Cgy (Vacant)
  • Week 8 Ssk-BC (Vacant)
  • Week 9 Ham-Mtl (Vacant)
  • Week 9 BC-Wpg (Vacant)
  • Week 9 Cgy-Ssk (Vacant)
  • Week 9 Edm-Tor (Vacant)
  • Week 10 BC-Mtl (Vacant)
  • Week 10 Wpg-Ssk (Vacant)
  • Week 10 Tor-Ham (Vacant)
  • Week 10 Edm-Cgy (Vacant)
  • Week 11 Cgy-Edm (Vacant)
  • Week 11 Ham-Tor (Vacant)
  • Week 11 Mtl-BC (Vacant)
  • Week 11 Ssk-Wpg (Vacant)
  • Week 12 Wpg-Cgy (Vacant)
  • Week 12 Edm-Ham (Vacant)
  • Week 12 Tor-BC (Vacant)
  • Week 12 Ssk-Mtl (Vacant)
  • Week 13 Ham-Wpg (Vacant)
  • Week 13 BC-Edm (Vacant)
  • Week 13 Tor-Mtl (Vacant)
  • Week 13 Cgy-Ssk (Vacant)
  • Week 14 Mtl-Ham (Vacant)
  • Week 14 Edm-Cgy (Vacant)
  • Week 14 Tor-Wpg (Vacant)
  • Week 14 BC-Ssk (Vacant)
  • Week 15 Ham-Edm (Vacant)
  • Week 15 Cgy-BC (Vacant)
  • Week 15 Wpg-Mtl (Vacant)
  • Week 15 Ssk-Tor (Vacant)
  • Week 16 BC-Ham (Vacant)
  • Week 16 Cgy-Wpg (Vacant)
  • Week 16 Ssk-Edm (Vacant)
  • Week 16 Mtl-Tor (Vacant)
  • Week 17 Wpg-Tor (Vacant)
  • Week 17 Edm-BC (Vacant)
  • Week 17 Mtl-Ssk (Vacant)
  • Week 17 Ham-Cgy (Vacant)
  • Week 18 BC-Cgy (Vacant)
  • Week 18 Wpg-Ham (Vacant)
  • Week 18 Tor-Ssk (Vacant)
  • Week 18 Edm-Mtl (Vacant)
  • Week 19 Ham-Tor (Vacant)
  • Week 19 Cgy-Edm (Vacant)
  • Week 19 Mtl-Wpg (Vacant)
  • Week 19 Ssk-BC (Vacant)
  • Poster is on probation. GDT requests subject to review and comment by community.
    ** Poster is banned from GDTs for the regular season, and can reapply for probationary status for the post-season.
    *** Poster is permanently banned from GDTs. This means forever

I'm looking forward to starting the GDT thread.