Game Day Talk: Week 1 Winnipeg @ Hamilton

Winnipeg Blue Bombers vs Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Ivor Wynne Stadium
6 pm local time

Hamilton line up:
Cobourne Brown

                                   WR                  SB                 QB                  SB                WR
                                 Bruce              Stala             Glenn              Mann            Kelly

                                             RT              RG             C             LG              LT
                                        Jimenez        Rottier       Hage     Dyakowski    Simmons

                                                        DE            DT           DT          DE
                                                      Baggs       Smith      Steele    Hickman
                                            LB                               LB                               LB
                                       Knowlton                     Williams                       Johnson 

                                 CB                   DB                   S                   DB                CB            
                               Hinds              Dennis            Shivers          Thomas           Young
                                                    K/P                     LS              KR/PR
                                                 Medlock               Scott           Thigpen

Winnipeg line up:
Reid Green

                                   WR                  SB                 QB                  SB                WR
                                  Carr         Jeffers-Harris       Pierce           Edwards         Poblah

                                             RT              RG             C             LG              LT
                                         January       Morley        Khan      LaBatte       Douglas

                                                        DE           DT             DT                 DE
                                                    Kashma      Smith   Oramasionwu      Willis
                                            LB                               LB                               LB
                                         Majors                         Labbe                        Johnson 

                                 CB                   DB                   S                   DB                CB            
                              Stewart           Nugent           Browne           Johnson        Beasely
                                                       K/P                                       LS              
                                                    Pallardy                              Cvetkvoic           

                                                              Last years head to head
                                                     Hamilton                           Winnipeg
                                       Wins:            3                                        1
                                     Points:          125                                     106

Sorry, it looked all nice, but wouldn't let me keep the spacing

pretty good setup there, hoping for a good game.Of course a good game to me at home is winning 60-0 :smiley:

has anyone noticed it is no longer WENDY'S FNF???

no wendys commercials anywhere during last nights game....( or tim horton's...)

hmm...baconator is still the official burger of the CFL.

Now that you mentioned it, that's true.

Bacon Deluxe is where it's at. Sans mayo and cheese, of course. :thup:

winnipegs defense seems to be playing pretty good so far, although they just got a major penalty

field goal, is that a good sign after last year

Wow, Hamilton player came in real quick on that blocked punt.

Game streams online for those without TV coverage: [url=][/url] (Backup Only)

Quick TD to capitalize! Go Mann! :thup:

Pierce with the home run ball to Edwards, 10-7 Hamilton.

Saw that one coming. :x

Some good blocking and running by Hamilton. They just gotta finish it off now.

I think there's an issue with TSN, at least for me. It occasionally garbles or stutters. It did it through pre-season. it did it during last night's game. It did it during Sports Centre after. And it's doing it again tonight. But it doesn't happen on any other channel.

its nice to see some new faces officiating games!

I'm getting the ESPN3 stream instead of the live and true TSN feed with your commercials up there. I miss some of those except for Tim Horton's and RONA.

Good game brewing here for sure tonight. :thup:

How did Thigpin score 5 different ways. There's kick return, punt return, rushing, and receiving. What am I missing? :lol:

i've been watching football since the 2005 season, and winnipeg has NEVER had a good kicking game...sheesh

oh, and thiggy returned a kickoff, punt return and a missed FG, reception and rushing....i think, cheif

Field goal return I think?

Missed field goal. Thanks guys. Damn, that's impressive! :lol:

Man I know I am better than Renald at least today. A 32-yard average GROSS on four punts?

I guess I am going to have to try out now? :lol: