Game Day Talk: Week 1 Edmonton @ Saskatchewan

And Duval was successfull on his first punt. 8)

For your online viewing in HD to boot! And the actual TSN broadcast too mind you!

Just don't ask him to kick a field goal.

Nice pressure for only three guys. Good sack. Gives us good field position. Now let's do something with it. No field goal.

"The boat is burnt"

Pretty clear it's a 3/4 defence for Edmonton. Peach and Sykes on the ends, Legare at NT, four LBs, Munoz and Davis in the middle, Hill at SAM, haven't seen who is at WILL

More of that play that just went for first down please! Play action and short throw to off the front seven.

And then long on the next for TD -- AWESOME play call! :rockin:

That was fast! :thup:


Only in certain places I always name on here to annoy some folks who don't even live there apparently.

That's a huge tackle

Touchdown!! Wide open

Good on Brown to grab the jersey and not let go. Everything after that sucked. #10 looked surprised that a play was happening in his area. :roll:

Great start to this game tied now at seven each. LETS GO ESKIES

That's the kind of response I like to see :slight_smile:

Attempt to throw a ball like that by Durant and you'll see how amazing a throw was that touchdown pass.

Durant has a stronger arm than I ever would have thought.

Playing WILL is one JC Sheritt. . . not even listed on the depth chart, he was on the PR

Good on Nowacki for coming back and helping out Ray. Have we run the ball yet? :lol:

I think that was our first run, and McCarty dragged half of Sask's team. :lol:

Great decision to start McCarty, and he gets the tough yards for us.

With an old school backfield with a fullback too! :slight_smile:

Yea, I seen an ( * ) at the bottom of the game notes that projected lineups subject to change an hour before game time.