Game Day Talk: Week 1 Edmonton @ Saskatchewan

The one of these I made for the other game had a good response, so I will try and make one for every game, have to post this early though since I am working till an hour before kickoff.

Edmonton Eskimos vs Saskatchewan Roughriders
Mosaic Stadium
5 pm local time


Saskatchewan line up:[/b]
WR-Getzlaf, Wheelwright
SB-Dressler, Hill, Nunn
T-Gauthier, Goodspeed
G-Makowsky, Best
DE-Mullinder, Murphy
DT-Shologan, Romero
LB-Stewart, Simpson, Lucas
CB-Graham, Jackson
HB- Eubanks, Frazier


Edmonton line up:
WR-Henry, Nowacki
SB-Stamps, Bowman, Scott
T-Coston, Wojt
G-Kabongo, Koch
DE-Peach, Sykes
DT-Legare, Laurent
LB-Munoz, Davis, Hill
CB-Williams, Bradley
HB- Brown, Thompson


Last Years Head to Head
Wins: Saskatchewan-2 Edmonton-2
Points: Saskatchewan-93 Edmonton-98

Key Players Comparison

Durant: 391/644 (60.7%) for 5542 yards, 25 TDs, 22 interceptions, and a QB rating of 87.2
Ray: 288/447 (64.4%) for 3565 yards, 11 TDs, 16 interceptions, and a QB rating of 82.3

Leading Receivers
Dressler: 1189 yards, 14.7 average, 6 TDs
Getzlaf: 946 yards, 17.2 average, 5 TDs
Stamps: 1223 yards, 15.3 average, 5 TDs

Leading Rushers
Cates: 1054 yards, 5.2 average, 15 TDs, 3 fumbles
All new Edmonton rushers

Tackling Leaders
Simpson: 105
Hill: 91

Patrick: 9
Thompson: 7

Mullinder: 4
Peach: 4

Good game prep, but why another stupid poll? We have yet another dumb-butt worthless piece of crap poll that runs until well after the game is over! :roll:

And I don't care what anyone says, TJ Hill is not a linebacker.

Esks Kick Returners are; Brandon James and Ray Fisher. Starting Safety: T.J. Hill and at DB is Alexander.

[url=] ... _July3.pdf[/url]

Game notes for todays game listed in the link above.

Well according to the depth chart posted on the Esks' website, it shows Hill at LB and Alexander at safety. Mind you it also shows the team in a 4/3, and I had thought Stubler was going to go with a 3/4 so I guess we have to keep our eyes peeled at the start to see what formation(s) is/are used.

I seen that also MadJack, but I imagine now at least both player chart/options are posted.

Do we know for sure if Bradley is going to suit up on the corner? It'd sure make it easier to switch Alexander to safety if he does.

Now looking at the Riders' depth chart, what jumps out at me is Kornegay being on the 1 game injured list.

So they're using a rookie named Graham at one corner, with ex-Eskimo Tristan Jackson on the other corner.

So, if I was Marcus Crandell game-planning this one, I would be emphasizing the WRs against the Rider corners (and not so much the slotbacks against their HBs; Frazier is a good one and the other will be either McKenzie or Eubanks, and they're no slouches either, so I'm picking on the corners).

According to comments from the coaching staff in the Edmonton Journal this week and the Esks' depth chart... Bradley on corner, Alexander at safety. TJ Hill back at SAM linebacker. I like moving Hill back to an LB, as he was arguably our best defensive player last season playing out of that spot. No need to move him somewhere else.

IMO Tristan Jackson is definitely not “starting” material as a corner and I understand he is playing there only b/c of injuries today. Look for the Esks to exploit that.

For the Riders, I’m betting they’ll be testing NI safety Alexander early and often.

Life sucks, eh?

It only allows me to run polls for x days

Sask needs to put this one away. They can't afford a close game without a kicker.

Certainly should be interesting. Lots of question marks on both teams heading into this game. Riders have a receiving corps that has big question marks beyond Dressler and Getzlaf, and a lot of new faces on both teams overall.

Heading to the game here right away, hoping for a Rider blow out of course :wink:

hey, thats the EXACT weather we had in London yesterday!..
woke up to hail and thunderstorms, then it got hot and humid, then finished the day with thunderstorms.

Golfball sized hail is no problem, they were helmets, lets play!


I guess we got a weather delay? Just tuned in. Wanted to finish my book first.

Here we go

McCarty is starting ahead of Porter? That's surprising.

Patrick almost got his first pick :slight_smile:

Wow. The Esks had a two-and-out and punted while I made ^^ that post. I can see what sort of game this is gonna be. :lol: