Game Day Talk; Tor at Edm

Nice catch by Bowman. Disappointing end to the drive. Another FG. Come on, guys.

Crazy catch by Inman but it's a sack for Edmonton. :smiley:

I thought Rsy would light it up, so far no fire.

Big Howard

7 penalties for the Argos already. Did I read that right? :o

back and forth no dominanace so far

Near pick by Brown. Damn.

Stats are looking even so far....something is going to happen sooner or later.

This is one of the most boring games I can recall seeing recently. Awful offenses that can't execute basic football at a decent level. And Toronto clearly has no O-line. They have no push, can't pass-block, can't even open up running lanes for a horse like Boyd to convert in short-yardage situations.

Ray has a long way to go before he can be effective in Milanovich's offense. He isn't reading the field well at all, just locking into one guy and not making effective use of all his weapons.

Also, Rod Black, a pocket-passer and a touch passer are not synonyms.

Nice to see McCarty get some touches, and a huge catch and run by Bowman. Charles TD makes it 13-0. Bout time we broke into the endzone.

Hugh Charles..5 yard run for the major.

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Here’s new link with better sound and the actual TSN feed instead of ESPN Live via the UK after it went out.

So far Jyles is looking steady as is the Eskie short-yardage game, with high credit to the offensive line, and the front seven on defence.

Kick return coverage on kickoffs is awful.

30 and 40 yard returns are unacceptable even with Chad Owens whose best days are behind him in my view.

Why did I pick TO to win. I thought out of the gate Ricky would outplay Jyles. Nope.

Hi everyone! One thing i notice this year thats better then last year is our D looks very good.

I had no idea Rick Ray played for the Eskimos . Thanks for telling me a thousand times over and over Mr Black

I had no idea Rick Ray played for the Eskimos . Thanks for telling me a thousand times over and over Mr Black

In noting Depop's comment and disgust, maybe MadJack would love this field position and short-yardage ball control battle?

So far doing well.

Yeah really we all love Ray and miss him, but sure enough there's Black taking man-crush to new levels again.