Game Day Talk; Tor at Edm

Saturday June 30th from Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton; Toronto Argonauts vs Edmonton Eskimos

Weather forecast: calling for sunny skies...High 23 C - Low 13 C....Great night for Football.

The 2012 season is here with Ricky Ray in Double Blue; a surprise trade that went down on December 12/2011 - QB Ricky Ray headed to Toronto - for QB Steve Jyles, K Grant Shaw and a first round draft pick that turned out to be OL Austin Pasztor who signed with the Vikings of the NFL as an undrafted rookie free agent.

TORONTO: New Head Coach - Scott Milanovich takes over from GM Jim Barker after a 6-12 season in 2011 (4th)
EDMONTON: New DC - Mark Nelson takes over from Rich Stubler [Lions new DC] in 2011 Eskies went 11-7 (2nd)

Other notes:
Former Eskimo receiver Jason Barnes is one player to watch for the Argos along with Chad Owens.
Former Rider RB Hugh Charles and SB Fred Stamps are eye watch players for the Eskimos.

Lets talk some football :rockin:

Eagerly looking forward to this one. . . particularly interested in seeing what Nelson's defensive schemes look like.

Really, there just is no thing as a not interesting game at this point of the season, all teams are tied for first place as they say!

And the pre-season could fool just about every one , including me. :wink:

Absolutely looking forward to the game. Never was a fan of Jyles but I actually find myself feeling sorry for him. He is just not starting material, not his fault, he should never have been put in this situation.

The way it`s all starting, the way he has back handedly been given the starting role only hours after it was said by HC that maybe they would go with Kerry Joseph.

This has got to be the biggest blunder in pro football since Buffalo Bills benched Flutie going into the 1999 playoffs. The Ray for Jyles trade is along those lines, Jyles being Robbery Johnson.

The careers that are going to be ended over this outrageous dumb trade...Edmonton HC Kavis Reed will pay for this as well, even though he really was not responsible for the trade, think he was blindsided.

The Red Head GM will be the one that takes the fall I suspect, probably will be his last position.

Am looking forward to the game, not rooting against Jyles and company, but will be surprised if they do not get embarrassed .

I see Jyles being booed off the field, doubt he finishes the game.

Edmonton`s best hope is that the game is a defensive struggle, could happen

In mt opinion JOSEPH , was given a bum deal with the ARGOS. :thdn:

The ARGOS at that time had a horrible O-LINE and no one could catch the ball. The year before with SASK. , SASK. , had a great team.

He spent most of his time at Q.B. running for his life. :thdn:

It was just another example that 1 player doesn’t win you games.

I thought we did very well the previous year, oline was fine, guys caught balls, we did not need Joseph. JMHO that was shared by most/majority of the Argo players

[url=] ... o-set-mark[/url]

Scroll down to see the Odds and ends on the Eskimos; over/under on Jyles ...ect.

Schultz picks;
Hamilton 29-19 over Sask.
Lions 27-19 over Winnipeg
Edmonton 34-21 over Toronto
Alouettes 40-20 over Calgary

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Online link for those not in Canada Black and Forde at it again? :lol:

woohoo it begins

I almost forgot about this one. Just turned it on. Truth be told, I might still be a little hungover. :lol: Go Esks! :thup:

Warm standing ovation for Ray.

Good field position. Let's go, Jyles. :thup:

penalties killing the green argos early

Sorry to disagree. Last night game I've waited 7 months to watch. I'm pumped and totally interested in all games right now.

44 yard field goal...Grant Shaw - Esks lead 3-0

Yep, cue-up the Rod Black high lite reel, I'm sure some new grms will be coming tonight. :rockin:

TO looks like crap!

not looking good for the argos
mistake reel so far