Game Day Stats Package Missing From CFL.CA. What Happened?

For each game played throughout the 2006 CFL season, the website has featured an excellent game stats package. I believe that it was sponsored by Purolator. However, the game stats package is not available for this week’s CFL games and it appears that the game stats package that existed for all previous games played in the 2006 season has been deleted. What happened? Is this just a temporary glitch or has the website stopped carrying this feature?

It turns out that the Purolator Game Day stats package is still available on the website after all. There is just a different way of accessing it. Simply click on to "Live Play By Play" in the Sony Bravia CFL Week box on the home page and you can find the individual game stats for every CFL game played so far in 2006. Kudos to the CFL and Purolator for presenting this excellent new game day stats package this year.