Game Day Sports disservice for CFL

Start Marketing this Game , It's pathetic I have been going into Game on sports out here in Vancouver and asking for CFL jerseys . It seems all they have are a few jerseys that are about 3 years old no name or number on them and they look like crap just sitting their no order no Advertising nothing this is in a bad corner of the Store . I asked about them and the clerk said I could order whatever I wanted online " ya but what if I want to see it before I buy it I can understand no name and number but at least let me see the Jersey . his reply was we dont do that . I said I could buy any NFL jersey with some criminals name on it . HE just shruged his shoulders, I said to him the last time I checked this was CANADA. I then asked if Game day sports had the contract for selling CFL apearel he said yes . I said I'll make sure things change Im asking everyone to contact the CFL marketing people and complain about this Franchise . If they don't want to bring in the gear then at least give up the contract.
For all CFL licensing inquiries please contact Breanne Louks, Manager, IMG Sports Licensing at (416) 960-5312 x124.

interesting.. I have been to a few stores in Edmonton that sell CFL merchandise and I've seen plenty of CFL jersey's up todate with recent player #'s on them! they had plenty of jerseys.. Many Esks, and no surprise, Roughriders Jerseys too!

one store I don't shop at is Champs.. well at least not the one at WEM in Edmonton.. They have hardly any to No CFL merchandise at all, meanwhile they carry all the NFL stuff!

you'd think a store in Canada would sell CFL merchandise just as much as NFL?

I've bought most of my Eskimo and my moms Rider stuff at Game On Sports.

Can we start a thread titled "Who's slighting the CFL this week?"

In Ontario, Sport Chek is supposed to be the official merchandise carrier of the CFL.

They have nothing. They still have Jason Maas and Casey Printers jerseys.

It's sad though because I go to Buffalo every once in a while and they have no name sport store and have at least 15 different jerseys made up for the Bills and Sabres. Even Sears, yes Sears!!!! sell Bills merchandise.

If it wasn't for the Tigertown Store or National Sports yearly CFL blowout, you wouldn't be able to get any up to date merchandise besides the stadium.

I disagree, this is all constructive criticism and because we all care for the league.

It could be that they don't carry many CFL products because they don't see them as being profitable, but on the other hand it could be that failing to consistently stock product has resulted in the failure to develop a market.

I'm not sure what the solution is. It's not fair to dump on a vendor because they don't stock products that don't sell well — it costs them money after all — so maybe there needs to be a different way of getting the products out there at less risk. Perhaps some kind of marketing board comprised of various vendors and the CFL could find a way to do that.

Can't you just buy jersey's etc off of

It would be nice to see this stuff in more stores though. Living in London i'm not sure if i've ever seen any CFL jerseys in this city, very sad. I'm thinking about getting a Ben Cahoon jersey....

In no way was I bashing as I love the CFL what I was saying was that ''Game on sports'' was not doing enough in my opinion in marketing the CFL . They have the Contract. for pete's sake. I see that some of you are not having any difficulty in your area maybe I will approch the owner with this . Thanks for those that replied.

I actually just checked out River City Sports here in Regina, they have a quality CFL section in there, Surprisingly CFL Jerseys for all 8 teams. It was my first time in any of their stores and I was impressed.

Maybe it has something to do with major cities in Vancouver the CFL stuff is pretty thin to non existent.

Does BC place have a good Lions store for gameday people and in between games?

They do carry lots of Lions stuff but during the game you get no customer service as it's too busy , they don't seem to carry any other team mechandise though. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I saw this at Jersey City here in Lethbridge too! Stamps are quite popular here but you can't buy the home jersey, just the ridiculous away version, and no name or numbers either. Asked the clerk and got a mumbled " don't know".

To the comments made regarding CFL merchandise by oilerrocker regarding Game On Sports. First thing is that your headline says GAME DAY sports, and your comments refer to Game On Sports??? Two different companies, so get your facts straight before you post stupid uneducated comments! Game On Sports as far as I am aware are the official retailers for the Eskimos and the Eskimos only. They carry other CFL merchandise as well. Mostly the Esks, Riders, Stamps, and the Lions as that is where their market is. They have access to any CFL liscenced product, as I have purchsed product through them before, but from what I have seen they do not carry much in the Eastern teams as that is out of their market, and the OFFICIAL RETAILER for the CFL is River City sports, based out of Winnipeg. The suggestion you got from the Game On Sports employee to visit or contact the Online store was good advice if you were looking to purchase anything liscenced CFL. I have dealt for many years with the online store and they have either provided excellent service or given suggestions as to where or who to contact to see about getting product for CFL, NHL, NFL, MLB, MLL, and even soccer too. All you have to do is contact them and you will find that your request will be handled either by getting what you were looking for or help on where to find it. Basically oilerrocker, get your facts straight before you comment on things you obviously have no clue about. Someone gave you good advice as where and how to get something you were looking for and you have ignored it, so that would make you in the wrong on this topic. Do a little research, leg work, and possibly take some advice and you would have found that a simple email or phone call would have made you a satisfied customer, but instead have chosen to comment on something that is 100% false, thus making you appear uneducated and quite frankly sounding like a bit of a meathead. As far as Game On Sports goes, I have dealt with them for many years and have always had a great shopping experience, whether online or at one of their many store locations. is their website. I would suggest that if you are looking for liscenced product that you contact them.


Most sporting outlets in Canada, like much of Canadian society, are americanized. First it was the British, now its the Yanks... :cowboy:

Obviously you must work their as a clerk cause it seems I touched a nerve , well too bad, I still say the service I got was Crappy why should I have to go and look online to purchase a CANADIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE Jersey . Why can't I walk In off the Street and just try one on to see what fits best for me and to actually feel the Material I guess I'm stupid for thinking that way.
The amount of American Football Jerseys and other American Merchandise was really to much for me to handle , The last time I checked I was in CANADA my passport says I'm Canadian!
I asked the Clerk (maybe it was You) if they had the contract to sell CFL Merchandise He said ''Yes"" I didn't ask if he was the Official Retailer.
Why should I have to wade through all the Crap on an Online store ,make phone calls try and measure the proper sizing pay for shipping convert USD to CAN $ take a chance on having my Credit card Info stolen . I guess I'm just a plain old fashion Meathead .
Your Break is over now get back to your Till . :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I was in a Sport Chek store in Oshawa a few days ago and they have Argonaut hoodies and T-shirts. Lots of NFL stuff as well though.

I can find all that stuff but All I want is a Authentic CFL jersey without having to go through all the online BS just like I can for a NFL jersey or NHL jersey.

I have never had a problem finding CFL gear may it be jerseys or other stuff, funny cause in the offseason I tried to find a Seattle Seahawks hat or shirt for my gf's father and had a terrible time.