Game day sponsers / promotions

Tonight was Via Rail night. What did that mean? They paid to have the tickets printed? Unless I missed something, I never even heard the sponser name or any giveaways (not that I have ever won anything in 34 years). Just wondering what benefits the FANS recieve from these promotions.

I think they annouced it once? I don't think there was even a prize!

Im sure having a gameday sponsor like via rail keeps your costs down for season ticket, etc.

What a unthoughtful question...

I believe the question is valid. I do not believe a purely speculative answer without any fact or backround qualifys you state otherwise. Season tickets went up in price across the board this year.
If I was responsible for the via rail marketing account, I know I would not renew my commitment to this promotion, based on the value I received for the dollar last night. Game sponsers used to mean promotion, and personally as a regular Via customer I failed to see the connection with the fans.

My "favourite" ad was the official binoculars of the Ticats! I guess they handed them out to all the players so they could watch a real team play football last night.

Maybe the team shoud have been run out of town on VIA rail night :lol: :lol: