Game day rosters

Game day rosters should be posted on the team or CFL website on gameday in PDF or text format. Then the Fans could have something to reference at each game.

I know for sure one team does it.

The Riders do. Roster and depth chart for each game. I thought all teams did.

The Eskimos give a Depth Chart for each game under the Team menu on their website. I'd imagine all the team websites have that or something similar.

I'm pretty sure all teams do have them up on their own official websites.

The riderville site menu is inoperable, and the old link no longer works.

Increased functionality = no gameday roster availability

Huh? Looked at it yesterday and again today. Here is is:
and that is from the drop down menu, check out for yourself and click on the text button. Not great, but it does work.

BUt the best one is to look at the press release they put out a couple of days before the game, as it has a lot more detail. I hope they will go over to this format on the game day menu as well. Here is the link to the last one:

[url=] ... ckle-lions[/url]

Now mind you, this shows the 46 roster, not the final 42, which is only required an hour before the game. To figure out these you really have to look at the "game notes" for the next game, in there you find the status of all the players for the season.

click -- click -- click -- nope -- still nothing. Worked fine last year. Worked fine in pre-season. Doesn't work now. Thanks for the link tho -- that one works -- looks hideous, but it works. I miss the PDFs. The problem isn't with the Riders making the info available, it's with MDX breaking all their links.

First, it's MRX, not MDX.
Second, MRX didn't break anything. You're just having trouble accessing the information because you're using incredibly old software.
Third, everyone is well aware of how much you dislike the new website, so there's really no need to keep whining about it.
Fourth, CFLpm edited one of your posts to tell you that MRX is looking into possible issues with IE6.
Fifth, let's get back on topic: Game day rosters.

First -- okay
Sencod -- it was working, now it's broken
Third -- I was complaining about before -- and started really complaining when I tried riderville and it is completely useless
Fourth -- they're not possible issues. They're real. Gameday rosters is one of them.
Fifth -- I was talking about Gameday rosters -- and the fact that MRX disabled my ability to look at them. I used to enjoy logging onto riderville 48-hours before gametime and seeing who was coming and going and who was game-time-decisions. Instead of enjoying the info, I'm left frustrated and angry at how it was needlessly destroyed.

I just checked out the Riders website and they do have the depth chart from last week's game up. This week's will ore than likely be posted tomorrow before the team heads east.

zbest, what's the issue? I just tried this - went on Riderville, rolled over the GAME DAY menu, dropped down and clicked on DEPTH CHARTS and blammo, up came the page, with the BC game there.

It's not the old .pdf one, and they don't include the injury info, but the depth chart is still there.

.... unless your IT department tells you to use IE6, or your home computer is on win2000 with IE6. Then the menus are useless, and the layout is garbled, and it looks like crap, and nothing works, and I can't get to the Gameday roster unless somebody posts a link -- at which point I go to a site with a garbled layout that looks terrible, but displays the players and their positions.

zbest, it's great that you give your feedback ... in the thread made for such feedback. We get it; it is not ideal with IE6, maybe even stinks in IE6. They said they are looking into it. You just make it sound so extreme such that if you have a problem, everyone must have that problem.

In my "2nd career" now, I manage IT project and the least useful user feedback is actually that which comes from those who can find absolutely nothing good about what the project team tries do to. The people involved in the project are humans, you know. Healthy scepticism and constructive feedback is good but trashing something by shouting from the highest mountaintop to all who can hear (whether they want to or not) only serves to demoralize.

How about you go to a friend's place who has anything above IE6 and look at the site objectively and come back with a list of a mere 5 things (feel free to state more) that are good about the new site - would do your soul some good.

BTW, it won't be that long, I bet, before Microsoft no longer supports IE6 - everyone has to move forward sooner or later. I guess these guys hoped for sooner.

IE6? Well who's fault is that? It's about the same as saying the colours don't contrast well on my green-screen.

Can somebody please post a link to the TO 46-man roster for me? The menu is still broken.

It's not broken. It's just not compatible with a Commodore 64.

... or 16.5% of internet users --- seriously tho -- can somebody please send me a link to the 46-man roster?

Injury News ... [url=] ... story.html[/url]

I was looking for a simple PDF copy of the game day rosters so when I sit in the bleachers, I can check out names from uniform numbers.

Printing from the webpage's drop down menus is poor if it works at all.

Tried to cut and paste text and it goes all bad.