Game Day or "Blame Day"

As the anticipation of one of the great CFL Labour Day Classic nears and with all trades (and firings) that have happened, my question is; will it be;

[b][b]GAME DAY


BLAME DAY [/b][/b]

Blame Day. They don't call it Ivor Whine Stadium for nothing.

An Argo fan

Blame Day- for the Toronto Arrogants. They will wonder why they took the Tiger-Cats so lightly, and figure out a way to regroup for next week.

Game day. The Cats will come to play this week.
And then they will burry the Argos in the concrete coffin next week. I just hope there is enough room for the egos and rap sheets.

Game day Labour day.

Blame day Sept 9th ,3PM;Saturday in Toronto is back to the future ....Blame day..sigh