Game Day Ops

Well I have overall been pleased with the game day ops crew since Bob Young bought our beloved Tabbies, this year has been somewhat disappointing. Both two weeks ago against the Argos and last night against the Stamps, both visiting teams plays they were challenging, were shown on the THF videoboard after the CFL command centre decided their ruling. Fans like myself were wondering what these opposing team coaches were challenging for what seemed like three minutes. Well I understand not showing the replay in the stadium until a visiting coach has decided to challenge the call or not, once that yellow challenge flag is thrown, then thereplay should be shown.

I alsoknow whenreplay was first introduced, the CFL would not show the replay in the stadium until a decision was announced. But then theCFL permitted teams toshow contreversial replays after the yellow challenge flag was thrown. Is anyone aware if the league has modified this policy again?

Thelong wait time for some in-stadium replays is too long and unacceptable. As a 21stcentury sports fan and avid CFL supporter, I want to know what's going on ASAP and want the modern in-stadium technology available to be used in a manner that will enhance my visit to THF, not convince me to watch the game at home, where replays are more often available on TSN, or I can review game film on myDVR.