Game Day Observations

1- People …please wait until the play is over before you get up out of your seats for a beer/food or bathroom break. I missed a few plays because of it. It happened last game a few times as well. Stadium Etiquette is at an all time low.
2- Where are all the people who buy seats in the upper west sections? From my view the upper west deck was 75% empty. They are not all in the concourse.
3-People sure drink a lot at these games. My bus ride home reminded me of the early 80s bus rides with all the sh*t faced people. Very racist and homophobic slurs being shouted for sure.
4-Very exciting 4th quarter. I almost left early, but after our field goal I decided to stay.
5-Our missed single point in the 4th sure did not look like a miss from my view.

It was clearly a miss.

I would like to add that when it is the HOF game maybe we could tone down the party under the stands at half time. I was trying to listen to the tribute to these guys and all I could here was the DJ, with the music cranked up and people singing Sweet Caroline. A little disrepectful IMO.

Watching the replay it was close. It may have gone over the post but it was clearly hooking away, have to trust the officials judgement who is directly underneath the upright.

I’m not saying the refs were wrong,but it definitely wasn’t “clearly” a miss. Our kicker seemed to agree with me the way he went after the refs after the play.

Lirum had a fantastic game, His onside punt out of the field goal setup was perfect

Tasker actually had to pull him away. But what is he thinking? Even if he’s right, they’re not going to reverse their ruling based on his yapping. The only result he could produce with an outburst like that is a 15-yard objectionable conduct against his own team.

Sometimes it helps to remind the official that others are watching, and maybe he should make sure he is concentrating on the play. Plant the seed for the next call as it were.

Watch Dave Dickenson during a game. Always yapping in the ref’s ear, and I doubt he’s asking after the guy’s family or his plans for an after game dinner.

  1. See the Coors Banquet bar, that and people watching from the concourse, and othe social gathering spots. Likely also a lot of no shows from corporate tickets

The reality of the modern world is that people have devolved in terms of etiquette. There are far too many self involved, ignorant, and just generally invasive people walking around these days.

Like a group of people walking together on the sidewalk that have no concept of the fact that other people need to walk down it also.

I would normally agree with you on this. I have the aisle seat in our row, and the number of times that I have to get up in the middle of a play has been rather ridiculous.

HOWEVER, last night was the first time that the people around us actually waited, and instructed their children to wait until breaks in play. I was pleasantly surprised this time.

Something I realized too was that there were several moments when everyone jumped up out of their seats to watch a play. I noticed the guy behind me struggle to stand. So being on the aisle, when I jump up, I step to the side to not block his view.

As one of those who ‘struggle to stand’, I appreciate your comment RiX. I have no problem when it is a spontaneous jump, like on Williams’ kick return, but I hate it when the announcer asks fans to “get up out of your seats” because then it is sustained and it not only blocks my view of the field, it blocks my view of the screen, both for the play and any subsequent replay.

Unfortunately, I guess that’s life, and a price worth paying to be at the stadium and enjoying the game and the crowd enthusiasm. Don’t have any solution either.

Oh, you’ve noticed that as well? Glad I"m not the only one.

Just don’t get me started on entitled bicycle riders thinking that they can use sidewalks.

Not a season’s ticket holder but do try to attend a game or two each season. We were at the Winnipeg game sitting near the end of the row and had a couple of young ladies who were back and forth frequently. Sometimes even if they start to leave or return during a break in play, they don’t always make it to their seats before play resumes.
We also had this experience last year I think at the Rider game where two or three guys were constantly going back and forth - always returning with a couple of beers each! Not sure how anyone can afford stadium beer prices multiple times but yes some people do drink a lot!
At the last game that we attended a couple of weeks ago, I headed up to the concourse at the beginning of half time to refill a water bottle and could barely make it through the crowd back to my seat! Yes it was half time but a sizable number of fans remained in their seats because of the half time entertainment. During the game, from our vantage point. I could see that both end zone social areas appeared to pretty packed all the time. Oh and we sat in the upper west section behind the home team a couple of years ago and generally found our section to be pretty packed - barely an empty seat to be found near us anyway.

Do you remember the Angelo Mosca stadium etiquette video that used to play before the game? I don’t think I’ve seen that in years. With so many breaks for tv etc. there is no excuse for moving too and from your seat during a play. In my experience, it is the younger folks who seem oblivious to the game itself. Some reminders on the big screen during the game would be a start.

Send your complaints to the head office!

I mentioned this in every post-game feedback last season. Finally got a reply that the “section ambassadors? ask the culprits not to block others view on their return, but they can’t do anything about people leaving their seats.

Also told me that they would pass along my request for an etiquette reminder to the people who control the screen content. You have seen how effective that was.

agree on this way i stopped going to games

“…please wait until the play is over before you get up out of your seats for a beer/food or bathroom break.”

some people have very weak bladders. give them a break maybe :slight_smile:

Ummm… 15 seconds difference?
Even I can wait that long.

If you’re up and moving and the play starts SIT ON THE STAIRS or in any empty seat adjacent to the stairs until the play ends.