Game day (last home game of season) vs Redblack

No hills this week Jackson in and Johnson is back in


Ternowski in for Durant! :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:
Kiondre Smith out for Durant :-1: :upside_down_face:


Totally Boggles the mind how the best rookie loses out to the worst free agent pickup


Simoni notes:

  • Hamilton’s Simoni Lawrence (651) recorded seven tackles in Week 19, passing Larry Wruck (646) and Kyries Hebert (650) to move to 13th all-time. He is 11 behind Calvin Tiggle (662).
  • Lawrence is slated to play in his 150th CFL game and teammate David Beard is set for his 100th. Game Notes: A look at Week 20 -


I am also very frustrated with Durant not contributing to Hamilton’s offence this year like I thought he would. However, there is one fact that cannot be denied: in the past, Durant has played his best football in the playoffs.

Ticat management is probably banking on that historical success repeating itself, if Hamilton makes the post season this year.

My guess is, to that end, they are shifting him around now to try to figure out where he can best make an impact in the post season.

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Anthony Johnson show your thing or SEE YA

You might have to go into the locker room post-game to get your wish.


Thing = skills
for SURE


this really hurts with Hills not in the line up

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I think Jackson has better catching skills than Hills. That could be a benefit.

Is Hills a healthy scratch?

Not sure if Durant is a step slower or not getting enough targets....we're gonna need him as Tim White will be in double coverage...need options; besides Dunbar.

Hills was limited in practice earlier in the week. Hamstring I believe.

I see Diallo is backing up, guess he's recovered from that scary looking injury last week, good to see!

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Surprised to see both him and Ciante Evans back this week. Both of those looked long term.


It looks like we're getting healthy (knock wood) at the right time.

Good read here

3 Quick Stats

  • Hamilton’s offensive line has allowed only three quarterback sacks in their last four games. In their last 11 contests, the Ticats have allowed just 13 sacks, the second fewest in the CFL during that stretch. It is a far cry from the team’s first five games of the season when they gave up 18 sacks.
  • Tiger-Cats head coach Orlondo Steinauer is 5-0 in the regular season against Ottawa. QB Dane Evans sports a 3-0 record against the Redblacks, the only CFL team Evans has not lost to. Friday marks the first game against Hamilton as head coach for Bob Dyce, who supplanted the fired Paul LaPolice on Oct. 1.
  • Since 2017, Hamilton has proven to be a much better team in the second half of the season compared to the first nine games. In games one to nine, the Ticats are a combined 19-26 (.422 winning percentage) over the past four-plus seasons. In games 10 to 18, Hamilton is 24-15 (.615).

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OK, everything looks too perfect.
You know that that usually means...

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Three times the usual amount of cheering to do, this weekend.
Oskee-Wee-Wee, Tigers eat 'em raw!
Allez les Alouettes, allez!
Stamp on the greenies, Calgary!
More games that really matter, to us, than on a CFL playoff Sunday.
Really looking forward to it all.


Let's not forget also cheering on those Ewoks or Elks or whatever they call themselves to pull off the upset over those Lions . I mean we might as well not leave nothing to chance here . A Calgary team still having a shot at 2nd place will be all the more motivated to kick the ever loving snot out of those Sliders one would think .

Good point. However, Calgary's line-up will already have been declared, by the time the Lions and Elks play, and I'd expect their regulars to play, as though it mattered, even if their chance at finishing 2nd was lost with a B.C. win. I think the Stamps, in that situation, would choose next week as the time to rest some starters before hosting the semi-final. Nevertheless, I'll do a "Sociable," or two, or ....., and cheer for the Elks, as well.