Game Day Jitters

My stomach is doing flip flops in anticipation of today's game. Anyone else out there got the jitters? If I feel like this, I can only imagine how the players and coaches must feel. I think its a good sign though, at least in my business. I am a professional entertainer so usually when I feel like this before a show, I can channel the energy into a great performance. I worry far more if I feel too calm. I actually had an anxiety dream last night where the teams decided the outcome of the Western Final with a card game instead of playing football! I was so upset and so relieved when I discovered it was a dream! Of course that could never happen in real life but it seemed completely real at the time and I was baffled and so disappointed! I think maybe I should cut back my caffeine intake...LOL. Anyway, looking forward to a great game. The anticipation is definitely getting to me! GO RIDERS!!!!!!!!!!

Go Riders!

I'm so nervous I think I could puke.

My nerves are killing me. Let's hope that the Riders can play as well as Winnipeg seems to be playing.

I am so nervous. These CBC commentators aren’t helping so Riders can you please win for yourself, us, and to shut them up!!

I'm so nervous....I don't think I can watch.
Please Riders, we need you to score early!!!!

…honest to goodness I love this thread…lol, keep it up rider fans…

I had a bad dream last night. I had a dream that I somehow missed the game :? and then I found out they lost. I was like almost crying as lame as that may sound - but Im being honest.

I was sooooooooo happy when I woke up!

Well, the dream came true but thank God it wasn't either of the ones that jman or I had last night! My nervousness changed to excitement as soon as the game got started and I knew we were going to do it. Way to go Riders- especially D!

Yeah, I was really anxious for the game to start. Im happy we finally got over the hump! Props to Wes Cates! I think he was a very important part just based on the fact that he played....

My stomach was so tight, I couldn't eat all day. I only relaxed after the game. So nerve-racking (and exciting).

I was nervous just before the start, but when our D held the Lions to their first two and out, I knew that we had a good chance so I, for one, settled down and enjoyed after that. I wasn't as concerned about the offence before the start of the game for some reason.

I am terrible if I have to watch the game on T.V. I get so nervous that I end up doing housework most of the game because I can't sit still and watch it. Today being no different lol. I think it is just finally settling in that we actually won and are Grey Cup bound. Hope there are a few that can make it to the airport tonight. With two sleeping kids I can't make it so scream lots for me tonight, they deserve it.

The joint must be spotless tonight!

Im trying to convince my grandpa that we should go to the airport lol...

hahahaha, it was close til i started baking banana bread

Wow thats freaky, Mrs. Dentor baked banana bread as well.. could it be a sign?....OK everyone please bake banana bread next Sunday :slight_smile: