Game Day In Montreal!

I know you like that!

From a Bomber fan, the Riders played a great game!

Good luck this season, and see you on Labour Day! that??? pffttt....I heart that, man!

Good riddance to da bum....

Haha, true enough, true enough!

That was a good game.

Gcup89 Posted: Jun 29, 2007 - 10:51 PM

And 0 turnovers!

and 7 or 8 sacks!!!!!!!!!


ya im goin to have to agree :cowboy: IMO i think Crandell should of came in at half, but it was the 1st game :rockin:

I liked the win, but we are going to have to improve and play better, I am willing to be the als are 3rd if not 4th in the east this year.

Josephs deliveries need to improve I swear there was one thow that the ball came out end over end. I have great hope for this team this year once they get firing on all cylinders.

Defence bent but didn't break and made big plays when they needed it.

Hope this kicks off a great year!!!

Addition: Maurice Lloyd I hope this guy can keep up with performances like that in middle this whole year. When Jurineack gets back from injury I would like to see Jones moved to the other linebacker spot opposite Hunt but I don't know if he is fast enough or has the skills to pull it off yet. I think he would be unstopable at linebacker.

BigGreenMachine Posted: Jun 30, 2007 - 03:27 AM

Trav's-Sask-Riders wrote:
Yea i mean Kerry wasn't that great but he still wasn't too bad, he avoided many sacks... our o-line was pretty chinsy but towards the end of the game they were starting to come together and i mean it was gonna happen because we have 2 out of 5 starters on our o-line from last year.

I wasn't overly impressed at all with Childs, hope to see Wes given a shot or Bracey, or maybe Russel i don't know, I still like Bracey but i guess he doesn't fit our offense??

Our defense proved that they can still be just as effective as before... Even though they were playing against Marcel's horrible offensive scheme, they came out and just played there game and came out with only giving up 1 point!

Kerry's passes were pretty wobbly but maybe it was just first game nerves?? I'm not sure hopefully he'll improve as we go along through the season! Kudos to him for avoiding a few sacks like he did!

Overall we came out with a win which is the main point!! Go Riders!!

ya im goin to have to agree IMO i think Crandell should of came in at half, but it was the 1st game

i disagree. I think that a few plays were made because of Joseph's ability to get out of the pocket, escape the rush, and make plays with his feet. i dont think crandell would of been able to make that touchdown play were joseph eluded tacklers stepped up into the pocket and delivered it downfield to childs

No he shouldnt have... Did you see the rain? Nobody had a good first half as far as the QB's were concerned. I honestly think that if they pulled KJ at any point, the game could have been lost. Did either of you see how many times he broke a tackle or avoided a sack? Quite a few times. Marcus couldnt do that. KJ's mobility was great as well, got some very imortant yards. Marcus definately couldnt have done that...

The O-line and RB was the worst part of our offence against the Al’s. I give Joesph credit for all the pressure he avoided. Crandell can’t run, he would have been sacked on alot of those plays where our O-line failed and 2 of the 3 FG’s would not have been attemped as a result. Believe it or not, Joesph was the difference in our offence this game. And yes, he does need to get better, but so does our O-line and running game

It’s great to see Luca doesn’t look like a one year wonder. Boreham is worth the money.

I was not impressed with Childs game. One of our backs is gonna have to stand out soon because I don’t like this competition between RB’s during the regular season.

Kind of hard to have a good running game if the Oline is not up to snuff. They should come together, but their communications are still a little off. Do not count Childs out yet.

It was the first full game the Oline played together. Realistically, it could take awhile for them to gel.