Game Day In Montreal!

Friday is approaching and so is the beginning of a new CFL season. With Kerry Joseph as our leader, the strongest core of receiver in a long long time for our team, and a rookie RB, how do you think we'll do?

What are your predictions for the east and west??



Calgary and us will be close between 2nd and 3rd so i chose us because i'm totally biased!! haha but yea we'll have to see, we both are pretty solid teams at our best!

I think its gonna be either Sask or Calgary in 1st and 2nd now, before I thought BC would get 1st, but Im not getting a good vibe from them anymore for w.e reason

The first quarter will decide the Rider's fate versus Montreal. Hoping we can come out strong. We've been wooped the last two times we were there.

My predictions:

West: BC, Riders, Calgary, Edmonton
East: Montreal, Hamilton, Toronto/ Winnipeg (toss up)

Montreal is a frightening team for me to watch us play. I fear an 0-1 start for the Green and white.

We may struggle at the beginning of the season but we will be in tip top condition by mid-season.

Green is our colour.
Football is our game.
We're all together.
And winning is our aim.
We will play through the sun and rain.
Saskatchewan Roughriders is our name!!!!!!!!!

It Montreal. What scares you? They definately are not the powerhouse they used to be, IMO.

I think the best news for us Rider fans is that Popp is still coaching that team even with his 8 other responsiblities. Considering Danny outcoached Popp for the game at TF last year, im not quite as worried.

It's going to be a tough game to win none the less though.

2 words for tonight...GO RIDERS. I can't waite but we need to win, both west teams last night got at least a point, the Riders can't fall behind this early.

What a catch by Jason, nice hit by Lloyd

So much better without the black pants.

Disappointing first half offensively, but the defence was stellar.

I see Montreal stole our old offensive game plan, play flat and short passes.

Very disappointing offensively so far. Boreham sure doesn't look great either. Punting average is 37 yds. Duval is averaging 46 yards.

Take into consideration that the weather was less than stellar as well.

A win is all we can ask for and the fact the defence gave up 1 point on a missed field goal is very good.

Offence still needs to work on some stuff but at least the defence stepped up and we won in a place where we usually struggle.

The Als looked awful, and I chuckled more than once when I watched their offense and it's lack of any creativity from Marcel.

Ya Riders!!! what a game.

The defence looked great. Can't ask for much more than 7 sacks and 3 INT's.

Joseph was ok, not great but ok.
Childs- 13 carries 34 yards, I think we will see Cates next week.

Congi was good again, but Boreham doesn't look like much an improvement as a punter.

Nice crucial picks by Johnson,Davis, and Clovis. Great defense. Offense was a bit slow but they started to pick it up in the 2nd half. ANd i'm so glad that we don't have Marcel anymore. It was so predicdable when we had him. We would run on alomost every first down. GO RIDERS!

Get Ready Henry.

Yea i mean Kerry wasn't that great but he still wasn't too bad, he avoided many sacks... our o-line was pretty chinsy but towards the end of the game they were starting to come together and i mean it was gonna happen because we have 2 out of 5 starters on our o-line from last year.

I wasn't overly impressed at all with Childs, hope to see Wes given a shot or Bracey, or maybe Russel i don't know, I still like Bracey but i guess he doesn't fit our offense??

Our defense proved that they can still be just as effective as before... Even though they were playing against Marcel's horrible offensive scheme, they came out and just played there game and came out with only giving up 1 point!

Kerry's passes were pretty wobbly but maybe it was just first game nerves?? I'm not sure hopefully he'll improve as we go along through the season! Kudos to him for avoiding a few sacks like he did!

Overall we came out with a win which is the main point!! Go Riders!!

And 0 turnovers!

:D :rockin: :thup:

....and I didn't hear "Holding, Saskatchewan 53" even ONCE! Bonus!!

I thought Boreham was pretty good besides that late hit penalty he took. His punts may not travel 50 yards in the air but they are placed well and limited Montreal's dangerous return game to almost nothing. He especially had a couple of nice bounces on his punts and his kickoffs were pretty deep.