Game-day in each CFL city...

Hello, CFL fans

So here is a question for everyone who loves attending games in their respective cities: what would you consider the must eat and must do events at each stadium in the league? If your friend was going to their first game at, for example, McMahon Stadium would you insist that they can't miss going to your favorite food stand to get an Angus beef burger? If your cousin is going to a game in Montreal are there pre-game activities at Molson Stadium that they have to see or take part in? Would love to hear what people think.

I have a particular reason for asking this question. My brother and his circle of friends are really into CFL football. By comparison, I am a modest fan. I regret to admit that I haven't memorized the entire Rider roster (including practice list and injured players). :wink: Last year, my brother and his friend actually went to all four games in the same week of the schedule. This year I am joining him on this CFL pilgrimage. We are hitting every game in the Week 7 schedule:

Cgy @ Edm
Mtl @ Wpg
Ham @ Reg

While I've been to games at Taylor Field in Regina I haven't been to a game in any other CFL city. Don't want to miss anything. Would love to hear what people think.

Just to clarify one point: I am looking for football related food / events. In particular, I am looking for things at or around the stadium on game day to make the most of our football experience. (Yes, I know about the mall in Edmonton and it is lovely but that's not really what our trip is about.) Have a good day. Go, Riders!

my personal favourite after ti-cat games is hittin up McDonalds with the coupons on the back of the programs. :smiley:

It's a shame you won't be going to a game in Hamilton. Anyone who goes to Hamilton to catch a game has to check out the Canadian Football Hall of Fame. I was there this past weekend, and I plan to go again the next time I'm in Hamilton (Sept 18).

Since you're going to Edmonton, I'd suggest checking out Rexall Place. It's not CFL related (it's where the Edmonton Oilers play), but it has a Wayne Gretzky statue. I was in Edmonton a few years ago (I wanted to buy an Oilers jersey at the West Edmonton Mall), but we never got around to checking out Rexall Place. I was a little disappointed.

Eight guys come from out of province to Edmonton on a boys' trip for a football game and you tell them to go check out a rink.

In August.

That's empty.

Aren't there any nice churches they could pop in to?

These dudes want ripper bars and rib joints.....

:lol: But it's Wayne Gretzky!!! I wanted to get a picture next to it. Next time I'm in Edmonton, I guess...

Good idea for a thread, this. :thup: