Game Day: Home Playoff Game Tonight!

Might as well say the playoffs start a week early for the Lions with home field advantage.
Let’s hope the 13th man can make a difference. I will be saving my voice all day for this one then I have about 7 months to recover!
Be nice to see the offence and defence put 60 minutes together — produce a comfortable win and take the momentum to Regina or Calgary next week.


I’m with you Miles. Let’s put it all out there and rock the Dome one last time!

Its still possible for both teams to get into the playoffs tonight. Slim chance at best if both teams ended in a tie. But this game should be a barn burner

Lions40 makes a good point Miles_9 but you have summed it up beautifully. This WILL be like a playoff game with home field advantage.

This IS a playoff game as far as I'm concerned. If they do lose tonight, yes as Lions40 said, they still have a slim chance of getting in but who wants to get in that way? Through the back door. And if they manage to squeak in they will have lost 3 in a row going into the playoffs. Not exactly what I'd call a confidence builder. :frowning:

On a more positive note, AFTER the Lions demolish the Eskies tonight, they will face both Saskatchewan and Calgary which are teams that the Lions can beat now. They almost did in their last 2 meetings.

I will be there screaming my lungs out with you miles_9. A major trouncing of Edmonton will be a great way to finish the regular season. :rockin: