Game day Giveaways?

So why do we give away pictures of Jason Maas where he isn't even holding a football or thowing one,and Corey Holmes who has done nothing as a Ti-Cat in half a season?

Could we not give away team pictures from Grey Cup years like the 99 Team picture,I'd love to have that on my wall!!!!

And every Grey Cup team previously!

Come on give the fans what they need ,not some promotion of players who have done little as Cats!

PS ;as an aside I'd be very willing to buy those team pictures if they were for sale in the TI-Cat store, a very cool Christmas present!

Or even pics of past greats like Henley; Fleming ;Mosca;Faloney;Zuger??etc


I do like your ideas because I would love to have some pics of those teams myself to hang in my sports room.
They are trying to promote the present team though.