Game day experience

I'm a Seahawks season ticket holder for 20 years, but have always loved the CFL. While driving from Vancouver to Montreal we caught a game at Tim Hortons field.. It was the most fun i've had at a game in years, parking on lawns, friendly fans and the atmosphere. You guys really have something special ,one game made me a Ti-cats fan for life...


Thanks for good words. What game did you catch, by the way, and where did you sit?

Please don’t be Seafiddle😁

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Aug 10 against B.C think section 214

no mention of college football.

no mention of Johnny Football.

Can't be the 'fiddle.

Glad you had a great time, enjoying our home game experience. While we may not have a lot of options in Hamilton, it is the best entertainment we have in this city.

Not that far from me. Excellent choice. :grin:

That was the second of 2 close games with the Lions. The first a nailbiter in BC at 35-34. You got a low scoring one for the CFL at 13-10.


I think he is saying he was at the August 10th game in Hamilton 35-34.

Makes sense. I had my memories reversed! :crazy_face:

Where did you go for the memory reversal procedure?

Lobotomy dot CA .

Pat Lynch (you can hide the scars with a "rug". )

I planned to remember to answer these posts so my 'procedure' made me forget. It's not my fault.

What were we talking about?

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