Game Day Experience

As a fan who supports both the Cats and the Argos, yesterday's score was fine by me. However, the game day experience was sad. We drove in early but still had a 35 minute wait in line to get through the turnstiles. The crowd control outside the stadium was poor. We patiently stood in line for 35 minutes with most fans but many others just walked directly to the turnstiles and were allowed in. That shouldn't have happened. Also, they knew they had 30,000 people attending so they should've done more (like opening more turnstiles) to get people into their seats. We ended up missing the Russ Jackson intro, fly-bys and the anthem. There was no one in the stands to direct us to our seats--we ended up asking a cop who was as uncertain as we were.

There was no half-time show. Call the game a 'classic' and I think you have to give the fans something at half-time. I thought the pizza twirler at the Argos home opener last year was sad but nothing? C'mon.

With 30,000 people there, it was impossible to get to the concessions and back to your seat at half-time. I realize that there's nothing you can do about that but the situation was made worse by having no venders in the stands where we sat (Sec. 23) during the game.

To the good, crowd control during the game was fine where we sat. I think the 4 PM start was a good idea--less time for people to people get juiced before heading to the game.

The game was entertaining and the fans were great but I thought the game day experience was sadly lacking.

An Argo-Cat fan

To each his own, but I would have to completely disagree. It was about a 5-10 minute wait in line to get into the stadium I guess you could have been at a different entrance then myself I also arrived 50minutes early as I refused to miss the flyover. Nothing to say about halftime, i'm there to watch football not a parade. At halftime I knew it would be disasterous so I just stayed at my seat stood up and stretched during halftime. I was in section 24, 2 rows up and there were a ton of vendors selling drinks and chips/popcorn/peanuts etc. Hopefully your next game is a better experience. :thup:

don't know where you were in line but we arrived at about 3:30 and walked right in. There were tons of people milling around outside the stadium but no line ups as you stated. I thought the game day experience was great

To those that had problems getting in, please arrive at least 30-35 minutes before gametime. The cause of most entry problems is that the majority of fans arrive too close to gametime. This seems to be true every game but when we have a big crowd you should expect delays getting in. I have been taken off usher duties and put on the gate when we were short handed so I'm sure the team did everything possible to maximize the number of ticket takers. I'm sure this will be discussed at a debriefing meeting and any changes that are nessasary will be addressed to the best of the team's ability. As for ushers, its always a challenge to man every tunnel because the first priority is to get you into the stadium. There were more CAT team (ushers and ticket takers) people yesterday than at any game this season but obviously there is always room for improvement. I am certain the Ticats want to hear from the fans on how we are doing. I know that as an individual I want to hear what I am doing right and what I can do better

8) We came in through the Melrose gates (West End), at 3pm, and there was no problem at all there !!
  Walked right in with no wait at all  !!!

   I know there has always been problems at the Balsam gates (East End).  There was never enough 
   turnstiles there, and getting out there was usually bad, because they used to open only one gate, 
   to exit through  !!!

   Don't know if that has changed recently, because I only use the West side gates now  !!!

   People were warned on this site yesterday morning about getting to the game extra early, because
   of the huge crowd that was going to be there  !!!     

   Some people just don't listen to sound advice, I guess  !!!     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Good advice. The Balsam gate has configurational problems that make it difficult to move people thru and it seems to handle the most fans. Walking to another gate would seem wise

Guess what then? Go early to the game it is labour day and it was mentioned many times that it would be sold out so it wouldn’t be a cake walk to get in. There were some people that showed up at the beginning of the second quarter and kicked people out of their seats because they didn’t belong to them. How about too bad? We all paid the same price, us and the people that had to move were there when the gates opened to get good seats and these bums that show up late expect to waltz in and have front row. I felt like getting up and mouthing them off, but I didn’t wanna get thrown outta the game, if they’ll whine and complain about their exact seats, then they will go the extra mile to get you thrown out. Probably 1 time attenders too.

Getting into the Melrose gates about 20-30 mins before kick-off was a disaster!

And, for the record, I don’t care if I get there with only 10 minutes left in the game. You better not be in MY seat. This is not general admission here. There was one couple who bounced around from seat to seat, always frustrated when the rightful seat holder asked them to move. It’s not difficult, really. Take a good gander at your ticket that got you into the gate, go to that section, find the row, and sit your butt in the seat. What a concept! Haha

But, hey, the Cats are 5-4 baby! Woohoo.

Took us maybe 10 minutes to get into the stadium…and that was at about 3:30 or so. Came through the north side gates. We lined up for beers right away – line was long, but that might have taken 5 minutes (Carling booth in the smoking area)…oh, also hit some quick moving long lines at the washroom. Then we walked around the Endzone to get to our seats in Sec 21. Plenty of time to see all festivities.

Couldn’t care less about halftime. We went down and got some beverages. I lined up at the food and pop line – took, again, maybe 5 minutes. Tops. Ran into an old chum, chatted for a bit and were back into our seats with 14:35 to play in the 3rd.

It was busy, that’s for sure…but we didn’t run into any big delays at all.

Amen, I really hate it when people get angry when they are asked to move from a seat they haven't purchased. They are the problem, plain and simple. I have to smile but trust me I'm not smiling inside at the them

What? let me try to understand your comment. If people arrived late (who knows the reason) then people who moved into those seats without paying for them should tell the rightful purchasers to shove off?

Hey, I'm not a self-righteous granny. I've scoped out better seats on occasion and moved into them a few times in the past- but only in the second half of a game and even them always prepared to move for the real "owners" of those seats for the game.

Ti-Cat games aren't general admission, as much as we might like them to be. I guess that really don't understand the problem that has you upset.

8) Hold on, you really aren't serious with some of your comments, are you ??? You must be joking !!
  You claim everyone paid the same price for their seats ??  And if those ticket holders got to the game
  late, that they are not entitled to their paid for seats ???

  For you information, everyone did not pay the same price for their seats !!  Whatever gave you that 
  idea anyway ??

  So as far as you are concerned, even a season ticket holder, is not entitled to their seat, if they show
  up late for the game ???  That you should be entitled to their seat, in that case  ???

  Please tell me that this is not what you are referring to in this situation   !!!!

   If it is, than this has to be the most ludicrous comment I have ever seen on this site  !!!!

Well he probably means in a given section everyone pays the same price whether there at the top of the stadium or halfway up or whatever, but there's definately some messed up logic with his post.

Yup, like there aren't enough real problems for game day staff to deal with

Sounds to me like he cheaps out on his tickets and then steals better seats.
He said "everyone else showed up early to get good seats"

No, listen carefully. These seats were endzone okay? everyone paid the same amount for the seats. These people and us arrived as soon as the gates opened and grabbed random seats like we usually do. We sat there getting scorched and bored out of our minds for 2 hours. They were enjoying the 1st quarter and then I noticed it was impossible to sit and nearly impossible to stand in the endzone area. Just after the start of the second half these 2 people waltz in and make those people that arrived way early with us get out of their seats, and they ended up trying to squeeze in standing above the endzone. This is a pathetic gesture in my opinion, I believe morally, the person who got sunburnt and bored to death trying to get seats 2 hours early deserves those seats more then people showing up 25 minutes into the game.

Wrong. You purchase a ticket for "a" seat. That is "your" seat for the game. The two people who arrived at the game, who had purchased tickets for "their" seats are entitled to sit in "their" seats. What would you want them to do, go stand somewhere else?

From your discussion: because I arrive at a doctor's office at 9 a.m. with a 3 p.m. appointment, I am entitled to have your 9:30 appointment if you are 10 minutes late

Actually most doctors would take you that way over the guy 10 minutes late. They heavily frown upon tardiness and they go on a first come first serve basis as they are always packed and cannot wait forever.

Great time at the game. Had the usual amateur commentator behind us but the crowd noise helped with that. No trouble getting into the park . Beer was nice and cold but we ate the pulled pork sandwich and its toilet paper were pulling today.

When you buy a ticket. It has the assigned seating on it. That is your seat. It doesn`t matter if you miss 59 minutes of the game. You are still entitled to sit there. It has nothing to do with the price.

It isn`t a concert at a park where you pay general admission and stay wherever you like.