Game day experience

Why were the lines so long outside Beechwood Ave 15 minutes before game time? Why weren't more gates open. That was rather annoying. And why weren't more gates open at the end of the game. There is no way there should have been such a lineup to get out of the stadium at the end of the game.....simply open the gates.....(although maybe management is used to not many people being still around at the end of the game).....Two negatives that shouldn't have been for my "game day experience"

Just can't enjoy the win huh?.. need SOMETHING to complain about eh?

Actually, you're right...I apologize....It just seems that over the past several seasons, I can't come home from a game without complaining about something. My family is used to friends are used to it...the people at work are used to it.... so it was just a habit. Once again, I'm truly sorry...and it was kind of nice staying until the 4th quarter for a change

Apology accepted :lol:

Now get out there and ENJOY the W with your friends.. home by 11 mister!!

I had a great game day experience. First trip down for a game since last year.
No problem waiting to get in or out. Jason Farr did a great job. Good to see Big Ange out there on the field for his appreciation day. Loved the Lancaster bomber fly-over. The marriage proposal was a great touch. We saw some very good and entertaining football.
And...oh yes...we beat Montreal!!!! :smiley:

Shut up and enjoy!

They have kept the exit gates narrow the past few games now.

The gate I passed had a security guard at it as well.

People were cursing and swearing right in the face of the female security guard as they left.

Perhaps they are trying to control the flood of people out on to the streets?

Anyone know?

Ivor Wynne Rules. Nut it up.

I went to the game in BC place last week. We all know the on field performance sucked, But the stadium is worse than that game was. That little old stadium there in Hamilton might just be the best stadium in the world. So what if you had to wait a little bit. It's saturday afternoon, the Cats just won. How can anyone complain.

If I wasn't on the otherside of the country I would have been there enjoying every bit of it.

Go Cats

thank god for some reason.

Well, that's just it, you weren't there.

People were getting crowded together, there was all kinds of yelling and swearing, and as you got closer to the gate you might be one of the lucky ones that got to trip over one of the full bags of garbage that some genius left RIGHT BY THE EXIT.

It didn't ruin a great game day experience for me, but it almost did.

And this issue does merit discussion and there is no better place than right here on this forum.

If there is no good reason for keeping the exit gates so narrow that people can only exit single file, then open the gates wide open and let the people exit much quicker.