Game day experience - Percival Molson Stadium

Must suck going from "influencer" to unemployed pariah.

an influencer technically cannot become unemployed, as the influencing is their employer.

many bounce around and in some cases, they actually want that.

it's very strange.

Speaking of airplanes. There should be an f-18 flyby after every singing of the national anthem.

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That's two hours of flight time from Bagotville to Montreal and in the condition those planes are and the work required to keep them flying, That's about 150.000.00 per fly by.

They sure are exciting though!

We always get the Lancaster for our Cats games, but the F18's on Grey Cup were a special treat!

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Maybe Trudeau finally purchases some new planes for our military, he's only postponned it for five years.

They love calling on them but providing them with comparable equipments to other Western countries not so much. Watch Trudeau order the F35 he cancelled ten years ago when the Swedish fighters are much cheaper and easier to maintain planes for what we need.

something tells me Trudeau is not the one who is making those decisions.

When do single game tickets generally go on sale?

My guess is when training camp begins.

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This sounds like awesome news! :+1:


Im not suprised, the business section is on another level, completely different experience.

how many seats are these?

This is great news, during the Wetenhal era, they never managed to sell more than half of these. Not sure if they revised pricing but whatever they did worked. Also, in the age of COVID, this type of accomodation is likely more attractive to corporate buyers.