Game day experience - Percival Molson Stadium

Hey there Montreal Alouette fans! Besides the game itself what do you look forward to when attending the game?

Are you planning to attend an Alouettes game next year?

I enjoyed the feeling of being outdoors right downtown and the bilingualism present. And the sense of intimacy as opposed to cavernous.


wife and I are super excited to be going there for the first time this August. Can't wait for tickets to go on sale!!!

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For me it's a tie between:

  1. Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich

  2. Having a few beers with Sheldon and Johnny


Well speaking of smoked meat and your trip to Mtl., maybe you can follow in Dyakowski's culinary footsteps. Should have recommended Schwartz's previously.

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that was awesome!

Big Pete is the man!!!

Buying seasons tickets, me and my dad.


I've never attended the tailgates. Im curious to know what they're like. One thing I particularly like at the Université de Montréal games are the Drumline. I dont think the Alouettes have one. Saskatchewan has their own Pep Band! Yes, I've watched my fair share of NCAA football games with big band fanfare strikes a chord with me.

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I'd like smaller uniforms for the cheerleaders.

The game experience was so much better in the past there was amosphere : Music, Themes & better looking cheer leaders. Food is food fans go for the beer and to be seen.....That's what's missing

Those early crowds of 16 to 25 year olds , grew up, got married and made other little drunk party animals. There are over 150 of those presently in Mexico looking to rehabilitate their "influencer careers". Maybe the Als should reach out to the 111privateclub

:partying_face: Parr Tey!

Put those idiots on a lifetime no fly list. Enough of these clowns!

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I think they are making the trip back " A la Mexican" in the back of tractor trailers.

??? not all fans go to be seen. Some go to watch the game and could care less if they are on tickie tok, or Flashgram or whatever the latest social media platform maybe.


A few, including the ring leader, managed to get back par avion.

I'm surprised, they must have flown American carriers and drive across the border through NY

Believe CTV Montreal made mention that a few managed to get back on AC flight.
AC claimed SunWing had not provided a manifest and it is difficult for the airlines to know exactly who would have been on the SunWing flight.

I will try to find the report.

Wow 750 000.00 fine and six months in jail.
Fun times!