Game Day Experience at McMahon

I'm fairly certain no one from the Stamps reads this forum, but ...

I just wanted to comment on how much they have done this year to improve the game day experience at McMahon.

Sure there are still problems with concessions and the washrooms, but the atmosphere they have created this year ...
It just seems like they are really trying to get the fans more involved than previously.


I love being at McMahon Stadium on gamedays and have been to every one for a long time. But the moment they move indoors (like Calgary Next was planning) I am done. Football belongs outside!!! Keep McMahon. Upgrade the seats along the top and the sides, but other than that I wouldn't change a thing.

You should call the Stamps or send them an email to let them know your feelings.

Cant wait to see a game there flying in from Hamilton to see the game on July 29 , as visiting fans where are the best sports bars and ones who support the CFL Go Cats Go :slight_smile:

Sorry EE17, I can’t really help you out for a good Sports bar, as I actually live outside of Calgary.

Are you going to come to McMahon and attend the game?

My friends and I are considering following the Stampeders for one entire season, that way we get to see every stadium and enjoy the CFL game across (or almost across) the nation!


Yes we are flying into Calgary July 28 and going to the game July 29th , then gonna hang around a bit and mid week or so head up to Edmonton to see the game on Aug 4th Friday Night Football then driving back to Calgary to fly home :slight_smile: , We are doing something similar we go to 1 Road game every year we started in Moncton when the Cats played there for the 1 game 2 seasons in a row but just could not pass up this Alberta swing TWO road games in 6 days :slight_smile:

Probably gonna jinx it now but have not lost a road game that we have attended yet :slight_smile:

I will help you with that ... I don't think you "jinxed" them ... Since 2009 the Stampeders have something like a 90% winning percentage overall and going back through the 2016 season, we have a 100% winning percentage at home. Calgary at home ... Tough place to win! :rockin:

We just don't seem to do well in the Grey Cup (ouch that hurts to say).

See how this season goes, starting tonight, but many of the players are already discussing the importance of continuing our unbeaten streak at home. I think A LOT of the media pundits are underestimating us (again).

Hope you enjoy the games!


win or lose its all about the experience :slight_smile:

...EE17, there are two nearby bars that cater to the fan on game day...the first is Moose MacGuire's, it's located in the University City shopping centre within walking distance west of the stadium....the second is Kilkenny's which is in Brentwood Shopping Centre north of the stadium, still within walking distance but barely...but they offer a game day package you might be interested in:

...then you catch the bus back to the bar after the game and party some's also right along the C-Train line in case you don't want to to take a cab back to you hotel...can't say if the ticket is decent or not, it's probably a corner ticket based on the $45 price...

Thanks we already have our seats but this bar seems cool will check it out and again Thanks

I'll forward this URL on to someone at the Stampeders. :slight_smile:

EE17 - I said we would win, but Damn! I hope you enjoyed the experience anyways.

Good Luck in Edmonton!