game day behaviour- the good the bad and the ugly

all this talk of moving seats got me thinking about pet peeves and fan behaviour in general.

of course i know how to be the perfect fan… but i guess there is always the possiblility that some might disagree with my perception of things.
so i am asking what fan behaviour that you see is acceptable/unacceptable to be promoted or discouraged.

and yes i know all the rider fans will say that a fan needs to be wearing green to be acceptable but looking beyond this error would do the true football fans in this country think.

I love the atmosphere of a CFL game - the yelling and the cheering (sometimes even the booing) - the louder the better. Where I draw the line is at foul language. To me, using profanity just illustrates the lack of intelligence in people. Really, if you can't find a more descriptive word than the 'f' word, you really need some fine-tuning creatively. I just think there is no place for that in a public area.

I also love a little friendly smack-talk between rivals, but I've seen this get out of hand, escalating to the point of shoving, and it would have resulted (I'm sure) in an all-and-out fistfight without intervention. C'mon, people, learn your limits already.

There are not many things that bother me in a football stadium. In a movie theater, I get real mad at those who eat like pigs so you can hear their saliva craddle munched bits of junk-food over and over. Man, I'd kick these bastards behind the head so they would choke on their overpriced snacks.

When I go to a football game, however, I am pretty zen. People could run around naked throwind food in the air while signing Celine Dion's lastest hit, I wouldn't really mind.

I must say I'm not fond of having conversations with the guy next sitting to me (the one who comes alone, but brings plush toys so he can argue with them over who's going to win), but it doesn't get me mad. Just uncomfortable...

quote="jm02"]I love the atmosphere of a CFL game - the yelling and the cheering (sometimes even the booing) - the louder the better. Where I draw the line is at foul language. To me, using profanity just illustrates the lack of intelligence in people. Really, if you can't find a more descriptive word than the 'f' word, you really need some fine-tuning creatively. I just think there is no place for that in a public area.

I couldn't agree more! My son and Grand kids go to the game. I got a real kick last year during the Sask - BC game as my 11 year old grandson got into a great debate with a "Dressed in Green" Rider fan. It was all in good fun, and the arguments were entertaining. What I dislike is the foul mouthed guy that uses the "F" word every 5th word. The "F" word in locker rooms and pubs fine, but not where you have ladies and kids.

I agree with the "f" word thing.
But to digress a bit, I think the funniest thing I ever saw was at a Rens game two years ago.
There was this Lebanese guy in front of us who had one of those plastic horns. This guy was great. He could hardly speak English, but he was having a ball and making us laugh. Well anyhow, in between blows this guy was sucking back beer, popcorn and peanuts.
Near the end of the game the guy was turning blue trying to blow that horn. (Christ I've got tears running down my cheek writing this). Anyways, he takes one last deep breath, blows, and lo and behold out the other end comes a few pints of beer, peanuts and popcorn! Luckily the girl sitting in front of him was turned around and had good anticipation. She moved but the guy in front of her didn't. Geeezzuzz Murphy that was funny.
It was a Kodak moment for sure.
I almost p*ssed myself laughing so hard. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I think anything directed at the field, loud and crazy is fun.

Anything directed at other fans, drunken morons, and people who want to fight have no business at the game (friendly ribbing aside)

Last season at commonwealth a drunk rider fan took my nephews esks hat and through it over the orange fence in the front, he was with a group of other rider fans who were great to us, but this guy was a jerk, it felt like minus 50 that night and he through his hat! But , one of the other Rider fans, a nice lady bought him a new one at the consession stand. cudos to her. I hate fans who bring there own booze into games, it usually ends up being the people around him/her that have to suffer, oh and smoking! i hate smokers!

What do you have against smokers?????

I've gotta say - I don't hate the smokers themselves, I just hate their smoking. Over here in Saskatchewan we just implemented the province-wide smoking ban (on paper anyway), and we've got all these people saying their rights to smoke in public places are being suppressed. Bull. I think that people have the right to pink lungs and healthier lives before people have the right to smoke it up in front of me and my kids. Also, I have a child with asthma - people smoke around her and don't realize how badly they're impacting her ability to breathe.

Well I'm a smoker and I do respect the rights of others but what really gets me are the non-smokers who run around looking for smokers to complain about.

Here in Quebec you cannot smoke anywhere in a public building, you have to go outside. Some companies have installed tempos (tents) where you can smoke and stay out of the rain. Where I work you can only smoke on break or lunch, get caught once its a warning, 2x = suspension than then you can be fired.

I can live with that but the non-smokes are complaining and they want the tempos removed. Why? What’s it to them? They have no reason to go there except to complain.

I have a brother who lives in New Jersey. They are working on a law that will make it illegal to smoke while in your own car. The reason is they say it is a distraction!!!!! You can yack on your cell phone apply make-up or shave, you can even cram a Big-Mac down your face while driving but heaven forbid you should smoke in your own car because its distracting!!!!!!!!

the 2 worst things at a football game are:

  1. People who come out the wrong entrance...15 times a game then want to cut through your row to get to their section. How can you not remember what door you just walked out? And if you's written on your ticket. How do you get home with that kind of power of recollection? But I was the idiot who put up with it for 2 years before I changed my seats.

  2. Guys who yell for girls to show their "puppies". From what I can see, you're already paying inflated beer prices, there are places that specialize in that kind of thing. And those girls will actually pretend they like you.

I dont know it they still have them at Moslon stadium but I remember one game when the beer guy parks himself pretty much infront of me. All the drunks come running and I cant see the game because of the crowd.

........I dont' smoke and I don't preach to those that do.......but there's NO WAY you should be allowed to smoke when you're the guy operating the Canadarm, the Shuttle Remote Manipulator System........that thing is frickin expensive, and you couldn't risk whackin it into one of them loading bay doors 'cause you got tear in your eyes, not to mention the oxygen enriched environment you have to work in, that could lead to in-cabin fires.......I bet NASA isn't too crazy about in-cabin fires......just my opinion.........they do have lots of pockets on those spacesuits for a pack of smokes, hmmmmm........

Hey If I'm in my own private space suit, dont whine to me bout second hand smoke.

by the way second hand smokers should pay half :lol:

.......wonder what happens if you let one rip in a spacesuit?.......think the atmosphereic exchange system purges the suit before it hits your nostrils?.......I doubt it.......

This conversion (the pooting part) happening infront of me at a football game might make me alittle ill? :x just kidding

.........this is the ugly part of the discussion........

Expanding on the whole "letting one go" in space debate, where do you suppose they dispose of any "number 2" visits on the International Space Station? I mean, I know space is a giant vaccum and all, but can you imagine being on a space walk and get nailed in your helmet's visor by a floating turd?

If all you guys like a fan who screams, and cheers and boos and gets really into the game... you'll all love me. :wink: I especially think that seeing other fans get really into the game is a good thing for the atmosphere at a game. I do have trouble breathing from the smoke, and it's hard for me to to go down outside at the bottom for a walk to stretch and have to endure the smoke. But, that has nothing to do with what makes/and not makes going to a CFL game fun. Meeting up with the people that just want to cause a big mess and crap like that with other people, wouldn't make going to a game fun. The games I went to so far, I haven't actually met any rude people so far which is good for me.

This post is about things you hate while at the games, i hate smokers who smoke around me, go ahead, kill yourself, but not me.