Game Day: BC at Ottawa

Ottawa looking to carry momentum and get a win in their home opener.

BC with new coach, new systems, lots of change and coming off an opening bye.

For the Buzzsaws:

  • Burris needs to protect the ball, 3 picks won't cut it every week.
  • Better run game. In Week 1 no one had more carries than the Chevy (16) but he avg'd 3 yards per.
  • Need pressure on Lulay.
  • Don't let Harris into space.

For the Leos:

  • Protect Lulay - Lions are dressing 3 INTs on the line - Valli out (good move in my opinion).
  • No huddle must control the tempo and sustain drives.
  • Play with energy right from the start despite coming off the bye, no rust allowed.
  • Don't give Ottawa receivers the big play.

This game should answer a lot of questions for both teams.

Good luck to all, no major injuries, let's have a good game.

Glad you made this thread. I thought nobody was going to watch this game except me.

I don’t have cable. It’s the radio for me.

Jock Sanders returning the opening kick for the RBs.

Old man made a nifty move to avoid the rush.

Play action apparently working well for Ottawa.

Josh Johnson misses Burris on the blitz and Henry finds Williams.

But an interception by Solly on a bobbled ball by Mo Price kills the drive.

Yeah, I am reminded of the Redblack receivers of 2014.

Testing that shoulder immediately.

In case people are looking for the game, it's on TSN 1 & 5 for now, and will no doubt be joined in progress after the England/Germany bronze medal match (which England just took a 1-0 lead in extra time, so looks like it won't go to penalties...) on TSN 3 & 4....

Another one of those dreaded challenges.

Good challenge by BC on the PI call (or lack thereof)...legit penalty, well administered.

First play from scrimmage for the Lions is a bomb to Arceneaux

Collie drops a TD but Gavins called for PI putting the ball on the 4.

Lions can't punch it in and settle for the FG.

3-0 BC.

That looked like one of those weird Chris Jones formations.

Shanked punt gives Ott the ball at the outer edge of FG range already.

Last 2 looked like they were going to be picked off.

Rwabukamba fails to pick off 2 straight passes and it's a 2-and-out.

Williams punt return TD called back by a hold. Ball placed waaaay back at the 15.

We're in the 2nd quarter now btw.

Miscommunication between Lulay and Collie and the Lions settle for another FG, stalling twice now inside the 10.


Old man still has some legs.

Cut that log.

Sinopili bangs his way onto the endzone.

Convert good, 7-6 Rs.