Game Day: Banjo Bowl!

Beautiful morning here in Winnipeg. Sunny with a hint of crispness, feels like perfect weather for football!

Should be another good one, and hopefully there will be a third :rockin:

GO BLUE YEAH! Man am so pumped for the banjo bowl.

What's with TSN? I know the NFL is just starting... but maybe they could have scheduled the NFL countdown so we could have a little CFL pre-action? Too much to ask for? :lol:

Go Winnipeg!!!

Make Joseph try to beat you with the pass!!!!

Riders will win...(a close one)...

Yes, and to think about. TSN is the only broadcaster next year....things will only get that much better.

But then what will those who don't have anything good to say about CBC to complain about.

Given the importance of todays match up it they have big implications on the standings. First place could change hands in one division.

56 yards and 2 TDs for Roberts. Keep piling up the stats, I need them for the Huddle! :smiley:

Beautiful ST play leads to a Stegall TD. Gonna be a good week for me in the Huddle! :smiley:

Wow... What the hell is going on?

Riders are getting man-handled on the line of scrimmage all game so far by the Bombers. That's the big difference today.

What kind of crap call was that offensive pass interference?!

Heh I changed the channel quickly to watch the Bears/Chargers game, and there was also a questionable call... well, a questionable no-call. :lol:

Hey, what comes around, goes around! Remember the blantant no-call on Dominguez last week where he pushed off a Bomber DB to score? Whatever, the Riders are getting whipped all over the place anyway today so that call won't effect the outcome much here.

Looks like the ball might have touched the ground... A shame because I was hoping the Riders would finally get something going.

Good, at least the Riders are losing too. Only 1 point back of them for first.

Shame on you Flick.....obviously the ball
hit the ground.

That was a definite no-catch for Flick. They got one call right today at least! The last two pass interference calls (defensive and offensive against the Riders) were very weak though.

In the Labour day game, the reffing was pretty bad both ways...

Its been a wonderful weekend for all Stampeder

Saskatchewan seems lost.

Yeah, the Stamps are back in the race for first with these results. Should be a barn burner at McMahon stadium next weekend. Should be a very large contingent of Gang Green seen at that game! I wonder if some green streaker will run out of the field though! :wink: