Game Day August 3 Cats vs. the bummers

Since nobody else has started this thread, I empowered myself.

Weather could be iffy, chance of severe thunderstorms (70% chance of thunderstorms)

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Game time 8:30 EDT. A banged up (and desperate) bunch of prairie dogs - who haven't won at home yet this year - against a (mostly) healthy (Sears Jr. and Filer being exceptions) Ticat team.

Does desperation overcome talent? We should find out no later than 11:30 tonight.

TSN play-by-play: Rod Black and Matt Dunigan.

Referee: Andre Prolux

Hopefully the Cats can put some points on the board in the first half.

I don't think we can expect another record setting performance from Masoli but hopefully the D and Special Teams can score.

With the Bye week after that amazing win you have to believe they are a confident and well rested / prepared team.

Don’t forget they owe the Bombers one too, that performance against WPG last time out was horrid, never would have lost that game if they just protected the ball. I am expecting a very confident and well rested team as well, not expecting this one to be to close but I said that last time these two teams met, we will see what happens.

Don't want to jinks them with my prediction but will be in their corner as usual. :thup: :thup:

Classic Grover, just classic. (Ah the memories)....

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I've had this one circled on the calendar since we gave the Bombers two free points at THF earlier this season. And...even though they won't say it publically...I'm sure the Ticats have had it circled, too.

Ticats 38
Bombers 17

Hamilton registers at least 6 sacks

It's disappointing we have to listen to Black and Dunigan. Black is useless and Dunigan is just awful to listen to with his southern drawl. I don't mind him on the panel since his comments come from experience playing but as a commentator....not good. If on ESPN then it sure look totally amateurish to Americans.

Actually I find playing the “Rod Black? drinking game gets me through the game with a smile on my face. The rules are fluid (no pun intended, although it would be perfect if it was). Basically you choose the expression(s) you know he will repeat endlessly during the game – (Luke Tasker is the son of Pro Football Hall of Famer Steve Tasker, for example). Every time he repeats it take a drink. (My suggestion is to PVR the game as you likely won’t remember too much of it, but I guarantee a hoot for you Lenny).

The above was copy and pasted from a post I made earlier today in the Scratching Post. :wink:

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That is the worst team of commentators TSN has to offer...why would you put those two together, just going to be a ramble fest with a bunch of false facts being thrown at us.

I agree Dunigan is very good in the panel setting where he has time to prepare what he is going to say and has his 1min to go off then move onto the next panellist. In the booth I find he gets lost and just rambles and when you combine that with Rod Black's nonsensical rants, that is recipe for disaster.

Thanks for stepping up again Mike. :thup:
We should get a win out of tonight's game.

It may be a very long, late night.
In addition to the one-hour time difference, the flags, the reviews and the challenges, a weather delay is perhaps likely now:

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Marshall Ferguson ?@TSN_Marsh 18m18 minutes ago
Well that was unique. The @TSN1290Radio #Bombers pregame show interrupted by a tornado warning #Ticats #CFL

If you can handle the time delay on screen, listen to 1150 with the TV muted. I can and I do

Don't worry. Winnipeg is far from Kansas. (Oz, well that might be different story we'll hear about tonight). :lol: :lol: :lol:

Drew EdwardsVerified account ?@scratchingpost 35m35 minutes ago
#Ticats will be in their white jerseys with black pants against #Bombers.

McDuffie is out

Blue BombersVerified account
Tonight's inactives: #20 Johnny Adams & #14 Quincy McDuffie.

Hi all

Thanks for sharing the WPG scratches, Grover. It would be nice if Cats' personnel or the travelling reporter let us know if Gaydosh and Underwood are again our Reserves, or not.

Isn't the game start time 8:30 eastern?

why is soccer on tsn?

The game is on TSN 1,3 and 5 - Go figure and NOT on TSN 4