game day at rogers centre

i really like the rogers centre for football. it is comfortable, warm and spacious. the angle of the seating might be abit low but i realize the stadium was designed more for baseball than football, but it is still one of the best facilities in canada. but everytime i go to a game there i can never really get into it and i figured out why.

it's just to noisy and busy in there. loud music is always blasting, give aways, etc. how are you suppose to get into the game, when you can't even hear the fans cheer? isn't it about crowd interaction and cheering for your team? when they put that noise meter up on the big screen, then they start playing music and you can't hear the crowd! what's the point. and the PA announcer hardly calls the plays. it's really distracting and takes away from the game. bring the whole atmosphere down abit and let the fans get into the game. it makes it way more exciting and entertaining in the long run.

I enjoy the games there as well. My complaints are the same as yours. There is just too much going on. I've been to Hamilton and Montreal this year as well and would say both places have a better game atmosphere.

I always prefer when the dome is open. But it is great to have when the weather isn't perfect.

well at least i am not the only one. maybe someone with the argos will read this consider it.

Everyone I talk to says the same thing. Loud music, can't talk to the person beside you because most of the time they can't hear you anyway. But the younger generation likes it loud....I guess. :?

well i am youngish (32) and i lick loud music, but if i want loud music blasting through the whole vent i will go to a rock show not a football game. there is time for the music during the game to get the crowd active, but not during the whole game. its all about subtlty and timing. i felt like i was alex from kubricks 'a clockwork orange' being reprogamed through the sound and the fury.

i think a young crowd they are trying to corral would get more out of the game and become a stronger fan through getting them 'involved' in the game. they may leave the game thinking they had something to do with an argos victory because they cheered. the key to getting fans excited is by letting them cheer. let them hear the crowd. its a chain reaction, cause and effect.

Well, you create your own atmosphere, You do your best to encourage people around you to get up and cheer for your defense, I've done it in both my sections I sat in over the last 2 years. But sometimes, people see this one guy having fun, and people join in.

However, a lot of people in Toronto have forgotten what "fun" is

What about Raptor games? They play music constantly dont' they at these games. Never been to one but just watching on TV. Of course, smaller building more intimate so a different situation I suppose.