Game costing errors

Just as I predicted that this game would come come down to the crunch and instead of making it easy our team makes it harder to win and ends up playing against the clock.We all know the 3 critical mistakes were made in the fourth quarter with Henrys bad throw on third down in the red zone then the Congi field goal miss then the foolish facemask by Webb.Its common sense that you have to play the full game and with discipline and preparing for things like 37 yard field goals and if not then maybe its time for a career change.

Unfortunately. Same old Cats. They'll find a way to loss the close/big game!!!!
I wish people would stop talking about the refs. They are what they are. You should be use to it by now!!!
Play good enough to win, and the refs have no say in it!!!!
Even the fans are making excuses for this team now.
By the way, I love the Cats! 47 year old fan here!!!! :thup:

Isaac fell down or its a td....14 to 0....instead, missed fg, long return, and it's 7 to 3...

2 missed fgs (and no singles on either, which ended up hurting)...

Bad INT costing at least 3 more points (although he may have missed the fg!)

3rd down fake
offside on Calgary's missed 2nd and 10 late in the 3rd

If any one of these plays is different, the outcome would have been too.....

That game was there for them and they didn't take it. It was a frustrating loss, but it sure seemed like the better team lost....which is good news I guess...

for the most part the defense played well, but their worst error was not being able to stop Calagary's 3rd and 6 in the 4th. Conji's 37 yard miss was costly and Austin's decision to try the 47 yarder which ultimately led to Taylor return the miss for a touch down. There were many errors this game including the officials missing the hold and illegal blocks on Taylor's return, hopefully they've learned from their mistakes, the ticats were the better team overall and do appear to be improving.

So why do we have to open ANOTHER THREAD to discuss last nights game? Why can't you just add your comments to the existing venting threads that are already open?

I kind of feel sorry for Webb...he sort of lost the game single handed...penalty and he was beat for the winning score...he'll have a tough week at practice...well besides Congi.

the game kinda ends up being on Congi and Burris....

16 point differential IF:

congi doesn't miss the first kick (+3 vs -7) (10 pts)
burris takes the sack late in the game on second down (0 vs +3) (13)

BUT really if congi doesn't miss the last one, (0vs +3) (16)
if ONLY that, we're able to kick from the 43 with zeros on the clock to win the game (or at least tie it with a deep miss)

kicker wears the horns this week... maybe he's got a Calgary jinx in his head after last year

In the 4th quarter, Calgary outscored Hamilton 10-0.