Game Cheques

Any one of these guys cashing yesterdays should be investigated for fraud. Anyone in the real world puts up an effort like that at work and they’re looking for new work the next morning. Lost a ton of respect for these guys yesterday. To think I spent 10 hours on the road, a buck twenty in gas, and put up with the warranted Rider bashing on the way out of the stadium, Diss F***** gusting.

Yeah I’ve been to a few of those. I was at the 31-2 losa in 2010 and the 34-15 loss in 2007. Also been to one beating in Calgary as well. I

We all have bad days at work, but still get paid, so no, I don’t think anyone of them should feel bad cashing there cheque’s. It’s not like their making oodles of money to play the game.we want to watch,. Next one will be better, als at home. Go riders

‘‘next one will be better’’ LOL, I get a kick from that statement. Playing it pretty safe, let’s hope so. ‘‘Can they get worse’’, but yes they have. Well it’s probably pretty safe to say Montreal is also going to settle another dose of reality and it’s also probably safe to say another lightening storm isn’t going to put a W in this team’s winning column. Mistakes were many and across the board, and not just the players.

They have lost one game in the last seven and the sky is falling …

The sky’s not falling.Expectations might be.

I could just imagine what would have happened if the Riders lost labour day and Banjo Bowl. Perhaps the players write cheques to the team??

If fans are being honest, this team has over performed expectations. Very few thought a rookie head coach and back up Qb would lead this team to a 7-4 record by this time. Beating top teams in Hamilton, Winnipeg and a surging Montreal team in the process.

This team is much better than the sum of its parts.