Game Broadcasts

Has anyone heard what is happening with game broadcasts?

Is there going to be radio play by play or will it be done on line?

Who will be going the play by play and colour?

I would suggest Bobo and Grover in the booth and Mikefrmthhammer as the sideline reporter . My work is done here . :grinning:

Pat Lynch (the old dude)


Right now, the only way would be to listen to the TSN TV broadcast or listen to the game on Sirius on Canada Talks. The Canada Talks satellite would have the other teams play-by-play and colour folks.

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Sad day if the Ticats doesn't have an over the air broadcast.

At least CHML will apparently still do a 5th quarter show.

It's already been stated by the team that they will be doing online broadcasts of their games. I can't remember the specific details, but this issue has already been covered.

Has it been covered who will do the play by play or colour?

The should be doing the broadcasts
Not having a broadcast for the ticats on terrestrial radio is not right
Well I will enjoy being able to listen to it over the internet
There are some cars that won't have that option driving to and From Home

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Online broadcasts? will they be streaming?
I suppose there is also the option to listen to the other team's radio broadcast on the internet. But as someone said if they are in their car and they don't have Sirius satellite they won't be able to listen but there is the option to listen on your phone

Online = streaming.

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:sunglasses: Tom, what are you talking about, you will listen to the games over the internet ???

Don't you have your season tickets any more ?? :sleepy: :sleepy:

You are so right regarding the broadcast of the games, not on a local radio station any more :frowning_face:

Times are a changing, and I also don't like this new modern world :angry: :frowning_face:

I meant streaming as in a visual broadcast of the game as opposed to listening to the game on the internet.
I can stream the TSN broacast but I also used to listen to the game on TSN radio

I think things got lost in the translation.
I am pretty sure the Ticats are going to stream an audio-only play-by-play show over the internet. It has been covered ad nauseum that TSN holds the broadcast rights for CFL games - and that means video streaming too. The Ticats in the past have streamed video and PBP of the un-aired pre-season games.

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I remember them streaming the pre-season games, when TSN didn't broadcast them.

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No I can't afford full Season any more unfortunately
I do make it to two or three games a year now
But this isn't about me it's about them not having a terrestrial radio partner

Why why not go back to 900 chml in my opinion they never should have left the station They're still going to do a 5th Quarter show
so why not let them do the games

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Again, broadcast rights belong to TSN...

TSN has national television rights, each team can arrange local radio rights.

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They no longer have a Station in Hamilton so Imo they default on that

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Maybe the radio station can't afford it? radio stations stay in business by selling air time, that's one reason why the TSN cut back on the station in Hamilton, low ratings, it's too close to the Toronto TSN station

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The TSN radio station in Vancouver converted to a comedy radio. You can't tell me past recorded comedy bits can draw better ratings than sport radio carrying a live official team broadcast,

Prerecorded syndicated content is cheep. Radio is dying a slow death.