Game blackouts in Saskatchewan

Is it true that TV blackouts can be lifted for only 2 games a year? If so then I guess we've had both already in Saskatchewan.

And speaking of blackouts why do they have to blackout the whole province? Who made that decision anyway? Don't they think they might be able to increase the fan base for the Riders if the home games were shown in say North Battleford or Swift Current? I understand that everywhere else the blackouts are only in effect within a small radius of the teams home city.

We've had three blackouts lifted this year - first one, Labour Day, and last weekend. I believe they blackout the entire province due to numbers. There are only around one million people in Saskatchewan, whereas in other cities, taking the 56-km radius around the stadium, you'd hit probably a million people or so.

Thats a pretty hefty blackout. For me, being retired, traveling 3 hours to a game is no problem. People in Northern Saskatchewan, that's a long drive both ways especially if you have to work the next day.

Prince Albert to Regina is just over four hours. We go when we can, but haven't been able to make one yet this year. It's tough to work it into your week sometimes. . .can always listen to the games on radio, but it's just not the same. While I do agree that there should be a larger radius than exists in other cities (due to sheer numbers), I think blacking out the entire province is excessive. La Ronge is almost 7 hours from Regina - too far to go for a "nighter" for fans up in that area.

The whole thing about blackouts in sask. is that they have to lift at least 2 per year. If they wanted to they could lift them all but that won't happen until they sell out every game.

If you live more than an hour or two out of the city then you should be able to watch the game. Most people in small towns have dishes dont they? People in Regina and surrounding areas should be at the game if they want to watch it. It makes the game more fun.

Feel bad for you guys. The blackout Radius should be two hours maximum. Thats a long ways to go for a football game on a regular basis!

I think the radius should include Saskatoon, but not the battlefords, and PA.
It just gives peole an excuse to not go to the game. I know I wouldn't use it, but a lot of the part time fans would. And despite the fact that these fans are bandwagon jumpers, we still need them to help fill the seats.

How far (in Driving ) is Saskatoon from Regina? Last Time I was in North Battleford, it was 30 years ago.......

Is that why most of your games are afternoon games? To allow for travel?

s'toon is about 250 kms from Regina, so depending on how fast you drive anywhere from 2:10 to 2:30. North Battleford is another hour and a bit past s'toon, There might be a shorter route to get to Regina then through tonn though, not sure.

Still sounds like you Northern Sask folks are getting the short end of the stick.

definetly are

I live approximately 100km from the NWT border with no road access to this community. I, too, tune in my TV only to find out that the game has been lacked out in my area. I have contacted TSN, CFL, and ExpressVu about the matter. The CFL went as far as saying that they should not be blacked out in a location that is about a 3 1/2 hour flight from where the game is being played but still is. ExpressVU says they are simply following the blackout policy of the CFL. I definately feel it is something that should be looked into.