Game Balls

Offence - Terry Vaughn

Well done catching Darren and surpassing him at home, but 10 catches is getting the job done aswell as some great toughness and nice moves in the open field.

Runner Up - Jason Maas

Defence - Tim Cheatwood

The guy made the play of the game, at the end of the first half he came across the line, from the wide side DE position and put the hit on Burris that kept him out of the endzone.

Runner Up - Tay Cody

Special Teams - Corey Holmes

Our return game got much better just from him being on the field, he went FORWARD, hit holes and when they were not there he went down, diving forward. Exactly what he should do, and at some point this year he'll surely bust one.

Runner Up - Mark Myers

A Special Game ball to Coach Lancaster, Welcome back Ron. Congratulations on your first win since 03 and 52nd as Ticat Coach

Well said.

Did u like the part about how to run back kicks??? haha

That was my favourite. :lol:

Indeed! :wink:

It's great to boogie and juke at full speed 10 yards INTO a return. This is the elusive concept that Craig Yeast still needs to get through the ol' Riddell lid of his.

Corey Holmes will break one -- it's a matter of time. Nice to feel that little shot of adrenaline from one's chair or seat in anticipation of a return.,,a la Earl Winfield (Praise be his name!). :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Offence - Terry Vaughn
runner up - Jason Maas

Defence - Tay Cody

Special Teams - Holmes
runner up - Mariuz (jumping on that punt put us in a position to win. Good Canadian heads up play as the punter was bearing in to recover his own kick.)

Please tell me why on several occasions when both Yeast and Holmes were back to receive, Calgary kicked to Holmes.

What am I missing??