Game ball..

Honestly I don't know who would get it.

There's just is no way to select just one individual.

So maybe I'll just give it to Coach Austin for his awesome stubble

Who would you give the game ball too? Only one though!


Don't blame you. He was money tonight. His accuracy on the deep ball just gets better and better every game.

To me... it didn't even need an explanation

Maybe Brandon Banks

6-121 and 1 td on punt return
3 catches for 49yards plus 1 TD
1-7 rushes

So everyone always forgets the team's MVP. He only plays at home games and never gets the respect he deserves. He literally breaks his hump every appearance but is totally ignored by the denizens of this website.


I give you........

The Ticats MVP......

The 13th man.

You were thinking I would say someone on the field, maybe?

You did good last night. Unrelenting in your ferocity whether at the beginning of the game, or, until the final whistle. You even played both ways, a real throwback to an earlier era when 2 way players were the norm.

You make me PROUD to be a Ticat fan.


I’d Give it to the D-line there where Animals out there .