Game Ball

My nod goes to Thigpen.

An all round great game and huge factor in the win imho ....5 punt returns for 93 yds, 9 rushes for 40 yds and 2 catches for 20 yds.

Anyone think that his punt return effectiveness and his catching of the punts in the air was just mere coincidence?

Thigpen reminds me of Archie Amerson in his prime. He plays his game quietly and confidently,and comes up smiling on every play.

Id give my game ball to Chris Williams, young guy getting it done. He was thrown into the starting lineup on short notice and made his presence felt today in Ivor Wynne. I'm a big Chris Williams fan :rockin:

The fumbled exchange with Glenn aside, Thiggy was electric throughout the game. I maintain that he must be developed as a factor in the offense in concert with his obvious talents as a returner. Time will tell if he becomes a consistent offensive threat as a slot, a running back, or a hybrid a la Amerson or Rufus Crawford. What is clear is that his presence on the field makes Khari Jones's job as a playcaller a lot easier for the pressure his speed can create in the opposing D. Couple his jets with that of Chris Williams, this offense can take off. Put Bruce in the slot where he belongs when healthy, continue to work Cobourne as the all-purpose back he is, and this offense can hit hyperdrive against the big dogs in the league yet.

I would also give the game ball to Chris WIlliams though for stepping up and making plays.

Oski Wee Wee,


I honestly said it from the day I saw Thigpen play in his first game, he could be just like AA

AA was my favourite player as a young kid (not that I'm a old guy now :lol: ) and i absolutely love Thigpen as well, we can only hope he can become the same productive player AA was in his prime, I think he is well on his way! :rockin:

Thiggy may not yet.know how good he can be in this league. When used right as said here. Just looking forward to BC already.

I just re-watched Thigpen running over Tad Kornegay... :o

Who knew Thiggy could lay the lumber? I am really impressed with that run alone, if Thiggy can add some power to his speed, he is one of the most dangerous players in the CFL

once again... :o

I suggest everybody goes back an re-watches that run, what a hit!

... :o

In agreement with the comments on Thiggy and Williams and enjoyed seeing McDaniel again. No question, he drops too many, but he does make some very good catches, is versatile, still young and fast, and once he's secured the ball is always a threat to add the major YAC yds. 2EZ's quote blow on Chris Williams applies as well to one more guy deserving, IMHO, of recognition for an really outstanding effort and performance ....

...... Wayne Smith @RT for three and half quarters.

I agree with Williams! People on here after last game thought he should be released etc, but I thought the game against the Esks he was nervous being his first game and that he would bounce back if given the chance - and he did so last night! I think this guy will be a star! :rockin:

My Game Ball would go to the defence. They smothered the Riders all game. The schemes were great, the coverage was great, the discipline on the D-line to keep Durant from rushing was quietly outstanding. The Riders' high octane offence was held to 3 points. 6 straight 2-and-outs. Outstanding.

As an aside, but for a few drops and bad routes by the receivers, the score should have been 50-3. The offence was that good.


I'd vote for Thiggy.

Honourable mention to Justin Medlock -automatic yesterday. So refreshing not to have to cross fingers for a FG try.

You could give one to so many players, but I think Thipgen needs to be given specific kudos for his performance yesterday. Not only did he do great in the return game, he was excellent in replacement of Avon Cobourne. Aside from one fumble, Thigpen was perfect today.

An honourable mention goes to a guy that I was not impressed with last week: Chris Williams. That was a rebound performance from Williams. Great job!

:thup: My mind is at ease when Medlock is on the field.

He did have a couple of pretty nice coffin corner punts as well

I'm thinking this week's gameball goes to Chris Williams.

I'd hate to be on the coaching staff trying to decide who sits after Aaron Kelly and Mo Mann get healthy.

Yet the "highlight of the night" on TSN goes to................the Kory Banks fumble recovery????

Well, it was a game changer. Changing the game from a total blowout (due to Williams amazing catch-and-runs) into a nail-biter.

Or could it just be because Banks doesn't play for Hamilton?

My game ball definitely goes to Williams this week. I almost gave it to him last week, but he was edged out by Thigpen. Not this week.

I think my statement at the end may be coming true sooner than I thought. Williams is breaking out and making plays - hope he continues to do so.

We should have a dominate receiving core especially when Mann gets back - should be interesting how they'll effectively use everyone.

And does Williams play make McDaniel release or trade decision that much easier??

Might make McDaniel nervous!!!!

I'm thinking Williams just leap-frogged a few receivers: McDaniel, Grant and Kelly. Maybe even Thigpen. (I'm holding off on him passing Mann or Bruce ... for now.) He doesn't have the height that the team was looking for, but he does have the ability to get open, he makes catches reliably (giving him his Mulligan on that one off the chest), and he can get yards after catching the ball. And isn't that what's important?