Game ball

My father just phoned me from work and he found a football in great shape that has got the CFL logo and looks like what you see on tv for a game ball. He found it in a highway ditch beside a pedistal he was working on. He is curious if there is anyway to find out if it was a gameball it is in too good of shape to have been in the ditch very long. I haven't seen it myself yet but he said all it has is the cfl logo says wilson and has a serial number and it's good quality ball not those cheap ones you get from wally world. Chances are it's not he's just curious.

I have been reading these boards for a while just decided to join. I really enjoy all the banter and am definetly enjoying a great year of football so far.

its really hard to say without seeing it but a seriel number... that sounds out of place for any old ball

Is there Mark Cohon signiture on it...or any of the umpteen dozen commishes we've had... With out a ain't no game ball

If its orange and spungy and says NERF on it then I would call the Argos Football club they are probably looking for it.

When you throw it does it automatically go to someone wearing a different colour shirt? IF so, it's a Winnipeg practice ball.