i intend attending the fan appreciation weekend and looking to get some signatures. Where can i get an authentic CFL Game Ball and also i remember seeing footballs with the ticst logo on it. any suggestions? the guy at the ticat store at the centre mall was useless.

National Sports on Upper Wentworth
has the new "stitched" ball.

Your welcome National Sports. :wink:

thanks, happen to know a ballpark price?

I think it was $115.

my wife has just told me she thought it was $109.

Go to T.Litzens in Flamborough and you can get a CFL reject ball for 50 bucks.

We bought some for the team I coach to practice with.

The defect on the balls are usually that the stitched lines are just a touch off line ... the panels are slightly off centre.

The ball looks fine and works perfectly ... just a very mild cosmetic error !!!!

SAVE 60 bucks!!!!