Game attendances?

Does anyone know if the keepers of this site intend posting game attendances?

There has so far, as I can tell, been no attendance figures posted to this site since division semis last season.

If they’ve been posted could someone please direct me to them.

Two days since I posted the question and no replies!

Does this mean, no one knows or that no one cares about this year’s attendances!?

37,000 at the Eskimo-Bomber game in Edmonton
27,000 at the one in Winnipeg

Not bad!

23,000 at Lions game vs. Calgary tonight apparently.

i have to correct you Turkeybend it was almost 24, 000 tickets sold yet it did not look like there was that many people there

Thanks guys, but where are you finding these attendance figures?

I’ve been sitting down here in Tas watching the resurgance of the CFL since the dark days of the late 90s and fundamental to my appreciation of this resurgance has been my mapping of week and game attendances. The CFL used do a sterling job but as I said in my first post, they’ve not posted attendance fifures since divisional semis last year.

ARGOS vs. HAMILTON…25, 000

local news paper …TSN …ect…

game recaps here or at TSN …their CFL page.

I was at the eskimos games, they announce it.

As I said hellothere, the CFL web page hasn’t posted the attendance figures in some time.

And being in Tas [Tasmania, Australia] Canadian papers are out of the question as is going to games or tuning into TSN etc.

Hey, cool, a fellow Aussie! G’day mate!

I’m originally from Melbourne! Pleased to meet you!!!

Went to BC-Calgary ex game, god I hate BC place, it is impossable to hear the PA, the echo is a killer, and the lights hit you in the eyes as well, should have brought a hat. The new turf needs a dye job in the worst way, did not look to good, but players said it was soft and easy. I havn’t checked player stats, but the Calgary O line looked HUGE, the BC D line looked so small next to them. Any way I was hoping to see Smilin Hank take one for the team, but he got up, smilin…CRAP.