Game Attendance

Okay, the report was 19.5 K at the game. I was there. The North stands were about 40% full. (We've never seen stands look so empty as at half time when people got out of the sun.) The South stands were at 50% or so with LOADS of empty seat. The Family zone up top and most of the end sections were near deserted.

Most of us in my party - veterans of the ups and downs over the years - pegged it at about 13.5. What do others think. Where did the team numbers come from?

The team numbers are probably tickets sold, not actual attendance. From my spot I didn't see one place that was really empty. I guessed around 17K before they announced the crowd.

Remember season ticket holders are counted whether they are there or not.


The announced attendance was most likely tickets sold. The crowd did look really low and guessing it could have even been as low as 12. I was hoping there would be alot more people there but being fathers day im not really that surprised. Lets just make sure we sell out our home opener!

being at the game, taking into account the season tickets sold and not used today.......the announced attendance seemed about right

the real figure was MAYBE 8-9,000 (in my estimation). A really sad showing for a team that is on rise, hopefully the home season opener on July 10th will be 23,000++

agree totally. eight or nine thousand actually there.
announced attendance equals season tickets, walkups, used contra etc.
all in all, a fairly pathetic turnout, and no blah blah blah about father's day, world cup, air show, nice day, puhleeeeze!
tiger-cats take precedence.
and yes, a sellout should be mandatory for this team on opening night.
(by the way, 12-6, in the cup ...)

Well, 2 weeks ago I went to upgrade some seats as I was bringing a group down for the opener. When the sales guy and I took a look at all the silver section and there was very little room in any silver section except Box F. So we decided to upgrade to Golds for that game and I'd have to say that many Golds were looking pretty full as well. We ended up in Box-E which was the only section that could accommodate a dozen people together. So yeah, its looking pretty good. I'm predicting 25,000 to 26,000.

8 or maybe 9,000 tops

Fun day though ! :smiley: