Game Atmosphere in Toronto

I was at opening day in Toronto, my first Argos game in about 9 years, and while I really enjoyed the game, I think the Rogers Centre puts on a lousy show.

To many stupid little contests and interruptions between plays. I don’t care if some goof can win $50 by playing the match game. It’s distracting, and i found i missed the beginning of a couple plays. Plus the fact that the contests are only like $150 and $200 is kind of embarassing, makes the team look cheap.

Plus too many “This ______ was brought to you by NAPA autoparts, bla bla bla”. I realize you need to bring in sponsorship and advertising money, but it’s annoying and distracting again. I watched the Calgary game last night, and I didn’t hear anything like that.

I wanted to watch the football game, not the circus! C’mon Rogers Centre, quit the bells and whistles.

They have those kind of contests during TV Timeouts everywhere. Even here in Montreal.

I'll be visiting Toronto on my vacation the last week of July. I wanted to get tickets to either a Hamilton or Toronto game. Luckily, an Argos home game falls during that time, and who is the team that comes to town, Montreal :lol:

Can't wait. Hopefully it will be better than the last game I went to at the Skydome, when the Argos beat the Roughriders 18-10, a few years back.

The MOST BORING GAME I thought I'd ever see live, until the Als/Riders game this past Friday. The Argos/Riders game was 3-0 at HALFTIME!!

The Argos need their own stadium, less contests, and intimate venue, a new practice facility, and no more BS gimmicks.

Ryooon, I think I was at that game, and yes - it was terribly boring! Not at all what you'd expect from a CFL game.

I agree that the atmosphere at Skydome is strange - it's kind of like they're trying to sneak a football game in, when the Dome security isn't paying attention. I always thought Varsity would be a much better venue for the Argos.

I thought that the game day was dictated by the cfl team. Isn't that why they have marketing people and stuff. I don't think it is the fault of the Rogers Centre. Maybe the question needs to be asked of the team.

What do you want... total silence when there is a television time out??? It's better to fill that time with something. Although I don't particularly pay attention to most of the contests, it's much better than silence. You will find that at just about every sporting event. Been to a Leafs game??

The Leafs and Raptors (best teams in their respective sports EVER!) have way fewer stoppages of play than exist in the average football game. I've been to a few Leafs games and a ton of Raptors games, and while they do have advertisments and stupid little contests, I can't recall ever being distracted away from the gameplay.

I'm going to try to make it to Thursday's game and I'll take another look. Goin' to watch the Argos (also best team in its respective sport EVER!)

They don't run those contests during play. Only during television commercials. I agree that maybe one has run a few seconds longer than it should as can happen, but if you are there to watch the game, then just watch the field instead of the contests. I usually just tune them out.

Fans love the promotions and it was fun being a part of them for a season. Don't point the finger at the stadium. It's the sponsors who support the league.

Don't forget to show up at the tailgate :slight_smile:

Rona's offer no offer is so lame. Bring back the Cheese Race!

Yes Mulder the cheese race was the best of the bad time out distractions.

dmont....come to BC Place...we have "Dot" races. (Actually they have been replaced by Shark races...Shark Club sponsorship) We also have build a giant sub. All pretty hokey, but they are done before play resumes.

The atmosphere problems at the Rogers Centre have nothing to do with the annoying contests and "bells and whistles". All stadiums have that. The problem is the design of the stadium. The so called best seats in the house are horrible. You may be at the 50 yard line, but you are so far from the field that the view is not that great. The other problem is the average Toronto Argo fan. He/She is the same as any typical boring Toronto audience (Leafs/Blue Jays) who just sit quietly throughout the whole game.

If you want to go to a CFL stadium in southern Ontario with great atmosphere, I recommend Ivor Wynne Stadium in Hamilton. It blows away the Rogers Centre and rivals many of the Western CFL venues.


"Crowd noise appears to be a problem for the 'Riders here at Roger's Centre"

Hahaha who'd have thought?

Having been an Argos season ticket holder since '96 I can say the atmosphere at the Dome/Rogers Centre has gotten waaay louder. Back then Flutie was killing it, but in front of 17,000 in a dead air environment. Ivor Wynne was a loud and intimidating venue. Now the T.O crowd is louder than the 28,000 depressed zombies at Ivor Wynne.

I'll be at the sensory deprivation dome this Saturday to watch my Tabbies crush the $ucky Argos....but anyway.....that place is just brutal. No atmosphere whatsoever. Poor Toronto...they built a cookie-cutter baseball stadium with a roof, everyone else has torn their's down and built nice open concept buildings.
Actually...what am I saying? Poor Toronto....poor taxpayers!

Ah one day the Blue Jays will get a true baseball stadium rather than playing in what looks anything but like a baseball stadium. The RC, while maybe according to some, is more baseball than football, to me is more of a football stadium first where the retro and open field look don't matter as much.

The Blue Jays can't last in that stadium for more than a few more years, I don't mind baseball but hate watching games there. Football is ok there though.

The atmosphere at the Dome/Rogers Centre has gotten waaay louder.

Crowd noise doesn't equal atmosphere. I've seen some highschool basketball games where you couldn't hear the person sitting next to you it got so loud in the gym....does that mean the gym had great atmosphere? Nope. It means it was small and had a very cold look to it, almost felt like you were watching a basketball game in a big prison cell.

I'd take PNC Park, Comerica Park, Jacobs Field, Camden Yards....even Chase Field (dome) and a whole host of others over Skydome.
If it's a either better look like Tiger Stadium, Yankee Stadium or old Comiskey Stadium...if not...I better be able to see outside. Dome or no dome.
Miller Park, Chase Field, Minute Maid Park and Safeco field have all shown that you can have a domed stadium and still make it have the atmosphere of an open air stadium.
SkyDome was the first of a new type of stadium, the retractable roof. It was the last of an old type of stadium, the cookie cutter stadium.
It's better than Tropicana Field, the Metrodome, Dolphin Stadium, RFK and maybe Shea, slightly.

SkyDome has no atmosphere, period. Everything is blue and grey...even when the roof is open all you can see is blue sky and a grey tower. Pretty blah if you ask me. Hard to enjoy going to see a good ol' ballgame in such a cold looking place.

Yeah but who cares about baseball? If there were 50,000 in there for a football game it would be a great atmosphere, dome open or closed.